5 Compliments To Give Your Spouse Today

Loving words and compliments can go a long way in making a healthy marriage last.

Whether you have only been married for six months and it is still easy to find things to tell your partner that you love about them, or you have been married for several decades and your compliment bank is running on low, your partner enjoys hearing loving words of affirmation from you.

Here are five compliments that never get old. Your partner won’t tire of hearing these words come from your mouth and it will be a nice reminder that you haven’t checked out of your marriage.

1. “I love how you parent our children”

Moms and dads can both be unsure or insecure about their parenting skills. There is no required book or manual for it (unlike getting a driver’s license), so they are constantly wondering if they are doing it right or messing up royally.

Reassure your spouse frequently that you appreciate them as a parent and recognize that they are trying to do a good job raising your children. Tailor the compliment to be even more specific to their parenting style or a skill that they excel in, such as, “I love the way you play with the kids,” or “I’m so grateful you’re able to help our son with his math homework.”

2. “I’m so glad I married you”

After being in a regular, routine relationship for so long our partners can forget what first attracted you to them in the first place. Reminisce about the reasons that made you fall in love so long ago and remind your partner of those reasons. Then express how your life has changed and grown since then and why you are still grateful that you chose them to be your partner in this life.

3. “I appreciate you”

We get so situated and used to our marital roles and everyday tasks. Perhaps he works while you raise the kids. Maybe you both work and he manages the yard while you manage inside the home. Don’t take what the other person does for granted. Thank them for what they do for the family and point out specifically the work they’ve done. You can compliment them on a delicious dinner made, point out the extra hours they’ve been putting in at the office, or notice the new flowers that were planted in the yard. They’ll appreciate being appreciated.

4. “You look beautiful (handsome or hot)”

No matter how long you’ve been married, your partner still wants to know that you find them attractive. Remind them that they are still physically alluring to you by pointing it out. You’ll score bonus points if you can compliment specific things or features that are especially appealing to you, such as a new outfit, a fresh shave, or a new haircut.

5. “I love spending time with you”

Your partner wants to be appreciated and found attractive, but they also want to know that you still enjoy their company. Next time you are on a date or fun family outing, remind them of how much you enjoy being with them, then tell them the reasons why. Perhaps it is because they are so fun, easygoing or have a great sense of humor. Whatever it may be, remind them why you still like spending time with them.

So much of our world and interactions can be negative. We also often get into such a routine of living with another person that we forget to take the time to compliment them. We may be grateful for them in our minds, but not profess this audibly. Keep your marriage healthy and filled with love by complimenting your spouse regularly.

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