The Importance of Date Nights for Married Couples

We all know that relationships require work.  Studies show that couples who report satisfaction in their marriages often report “working” at their marriages.  Working at a marriage can come in the form of putting effort into communication and problem-solving, but it can also mean making time for each other, romantically.  Having regular “date nights” can be a great practice for couples to get into from the beginning, to ensure that they can keep romance alive and consistent.


Here are some tips for planning regular “date nights” with your spouse:

Anything goes

Many couples, specifically couples with children, report difficulty in finding time to have consistent date nights.  Couples whose time is limited can get creative and think outside the box when planning dates.  Even a night working out together at the gym can be romantic by virtue of just spending time, alone, together.  When you plan unusual dates that are more geared toward your busy schedules within the week, there can be great opportunity to make quality time for each other.

Same time, each week

Studies show that doing something at the same time each day can increase the likelihood that you can commit to it, regularly.  Try to practice your new habit of date night at the same time each week, so you can’t make excuses that you don’t have time for it.  Making “Date Night” a part of your routine can help make you both see it as a priority rather than an occasional treat.  Of course, adjustments can be made if sudden, unexpected shifts in your schedule take place; but, for the most part, planning date night for the same time each week can increase the likelihood that you’ll consistently make it happen.

Dress it up

Research shows that dressing up can improve your mood.   Dressing up for your partner can not only improve your own mood but can also send a message to your partner that you are putting energy and effort into making the evening special.  Even if you are planning something low-key for the day or the evening of your date, there is still an opportunity to change your appearance in some way and make your appearance-change noticeable to your partner. Even parting your hair, differently can get your partner’s attention, so make sure you make your appearance as much of a priority as the actual date, itself.