Top 4 Ways Exercise Can Help You Have Better Sex Life

man exersizing

Weight gain seems to be a trend within marriages and long-term relationships. It even led to the appearance of the term “dad bod,” which is short for “dad body” or a body of a man with a beer belly.

We all know that exercise benefits us greatly, but how could it affect your relationship? There are many ways that regular exercise could affect your relationship, but the most prominent change will be found in your sex life. Your sex life is a large part of your relationship and is greatly influenced by your fitness and health.


Blood flow

Cardiovascular exercise greatly increases circulation and nitric oxide in your bloodstream, which will widen your vessels allowing for more blood flow and assisting in fighting erection problems for men. Men who don’t regularly exercise are at a much higher risk of going through bouts of erectile dysfunction and women who don’t regularly exercise are more likely to have trouble becoming aroused— simply from a lack of healthy blood flow.

Doing cardio will also increase your sexual stamina and increase energy levels. This makes sex longer and will improve your sexual performance as well as increase endorphin hormones to your brain.



Strength training and lifting weights will naturally increase your levels of testosterone, the arousal hormone. Increasing your testosterone through weightlifting can increase your libido, making sex much more enjoyable. Strength training, like other training, will decrease your stress.

For those who love spending time in the gym, be wary of overtraining or of reaching low body fat percentages. Overtraining and low-fat levels can actually have the opposite effect on your testosterone levels, dropping your libido. This is very common occurrence among bodybuilders or intense endurance athletes, but as long as you don’t take your training to extremes, you will reap the benefits!



This one is going to be a little more obvious; when you are more flexible, you are able to spice things up with different positions with your partner. Improving flexibility also helps to alleviate aches and pains in your joints- giving you and your partner the ability to be more vigorous without fear of injury. Stretching can also help to relax your muscles and if you do yoga in place of stretching you can increase your mindfulness, making for more passionate, loving, sex.


More confidence

Both strength training and cardiovascular training releases dopamine, the “feel good” hormone. This hormone increases your confidence, makes you feel happier, and decreases stress. Sex drive is greatly affected by stress; the more stressed you are, the more your sex drive will plummet. By increasing your dopamine levels, you increase your sex drive.

There is also the psychological aspect of exercise; the more confident you are, the more enjoyment you are going to feel in your sex life and the more attractive you will be to your partner. Positive self-esteem is essential, especially for women. As a result, you will be able to better satisfy your partner, which will give you even more confidence in your sexual endeavors.