Top 5 Ways to Fix Anorgasmia

Ways to Fix Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is a sexual dysfunction where someone cannot reach an orgasm despite the stimulation. It can be either a psychological disorder or it can be a medical problem as a result of injury, surgery, nerve damage, mutilation, or any number of reasons. This is something that plagues both men and women, but it is much more common among women.


There are a few different types of anorgasmia:

Situational anorgasmia is an inability or ability to orgasm based on the situation; perhaps you are stressed, distracted, or you are not getting the stimuli that you need. Situational anorgasmia is fairly normal, especially for women, unless it becomes recurring.

Secondary anorgasmia is a loss of the ability to orgasm based on outside influences, such as depression, medications, or surgery.

Acquired anorgasmia is when you used to be able to have orgasms regularly, but now have difficulty reaching climax.

Primary anorgasmia is the inability to orgasm ever. Someone with primary anorgasmia has never had an orgasm in their life, whether they are with a partner or on their own.


  1. See a Specialist

So what can you do if you have Anorgasmia? The first recommendation would be that you see a specialist, who will do hormone and blood tests to see if it will need to be fixed through medications or hormone patches. For situational anorgasmia, you can try to detect the source of your anorgasmia.


  1. Practice relaxation techniques

Much of situational anorgasmia is due to stress. It is very common, it doesn’t mean that anything is necessarily wrong with you, and it can be reversed or resolved. If you continue to have issues, try regularly practicing yoga. Yoga practices mindfulness, controlled breathing, and meditation, the perfect combination to relieve stress and allow you to better focus on you and your partner.


  1. Eat nutritious food

There are also some foods that have nutrients that may be able to help you with your anorgasmia! Like arginine, which is an herb that contains essential amino acids that will relax your blood vessels and improve your blood flow. Ginseng root is another herb that may help; it will assist in releasing more nitric oxide to your blood stream, increasing blood flow to your sexual organs and making you more sensitive to sexual touch.


  1. Hypnotherapy

A less common option that some have claimed helped them is hypnotherapy. In this therapy, you have your negative thought patterns replaced with positive thought patterns, which will relieve stress and bring you more confidence. This solution is not mainstream and isn’t supported by most medical professionals. It is something that has helped some people, however, and if you are looking for a more natural route then this is the one you can try.


  1. Talk it out

If it is due to not receiving the stimulation you need, sit down with partner and talk about what you enjoy and how you enjoy it. Problem solved! If it is due to a lack of communication, couples counseling could be a good, and rewarding, option.