Who Has the Best Story About Meeting Their Spouse? Best Responses

We posed this question to our social media community, “Who has the best story about how they met their spouse? Funny, dramatic, etc.” Below are the top 12 responses we received.


Tina Bernier Esterline: We were at a stop light and glanced over at each other and smiled. He had the best smile! After seeing him again later that evening on the same road, as he was trying to find me again, I made my friend pull over to meet him. (Something I’d NEVER do any other time) I remember thinking how cute he was before we got out of our vehicles- and oddly said to my friend “I’m going to marry him someday”. Odd because I was only 16 and had no thoughts about marriage. We’ve been together ever since. Next month we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary


Donnalyn Fannin: I saw this cool guy hanging around the sandwich shop when I was celebrating my 18th birthday with some friends. We were all talking about how hot he was. 2 weeks later, I see that same guy hitchhiking. I decided to turn around and give him a ride. Went out with him that night and married him 4 months later. This April, will be our 37th first date anniversary


Barb McAllister: It was August, 1986, and I was 17 years old. I had just come home from visiting family for a month away when a friend called and asked me to come to her house to meet her new bf. She said his “friend” was gorgeous and was coming over to her place soon. I was really tired and not really interested, but went anyways. When I got there, her bf called this “guy” and I heard him say, “she’s blonde”. lol About half hour later, he shows up and my mouth dropped. He WAS gorgeous, mullet and all, and there was just something about him that was familiar. Like any 17 yr old, I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair and make sure my make up was on point! While rummaging through my purse, my heart dropped and I screamed for my gf to come!! She ran into the bathroom, I pulled out a piece of paper that was neatly folded in my purse. The piece of paper I had, was a newspaper pic/article of a “Sunshine boy” and was dated July, 1986. When I was visiting my grandma for the month, she received daily newspapers, every day, they had a “Sunshine boy and a Sunshine girl” I collected the “boys” I liked and thought were cute and would tape them to my bedroom wall…

😉 hahaha Anyways, it turns out, that the paper I had in my purse, was the “guy” I ended up marrying and we have been married now almost 29 years, with 2 gorgeous sons!! Talk about setting an Intention!! I still have that pic of him, and love sharing the story of how we met!!!


Danae Cummins: Met on tinder. I was looking for a place to watch the meteor shower because I had just been blown off. It was 10:30pm and he lived about an hour away. He invited me to his farm, so I made sure to Text my friends his address in case I was never seen again and headed out! We stayed up all night laying in the field talking about stars and life. 2.5 years ago.


Caroline Pumphrey: I met my husband at a car accident. We were on the same volunteer fire department. We didn’t know each other. I arrived on scene first. I was an EMT. He came next. He was an EMT-I. We locked eyes over the bloody body..it was love and lust..lol. Yes, the patient survived. Still happily married after 24 years.


Holly Borawski: We stood next to each other in our fourth-grade picture. I told him for flipping off the camera behind the back of another kid. We started dating the summer before our senior year in 97, the rest is history


Vickie Boswell: Had no clue who he was when I saw him on a basketball court but said: “I’m gonna marry that boy right there.” He later pursued me, after I had completely forgotten about it. Two years into our marriage, it hit me out of the blue one day. I realized I had once said that about him, & all I could think was “Wow!” We’ve been married 30 years now.


Andi Davis Cox: I met my husband at a pool party at a local hotel bar my friends worked at. Spotted him across from the pool but saw he was there with another lady. Real pretty but older. Was bummed. My friend told him I was checking him out so he walks over and says “So, I hear you think I’m on a date with… my MOM!!!” So embarrassing!!! Married now with 1 little girl.


Jenelle MacGregor: My husband (5 years older than me) started being a camp counselor the same year I started going to that camp as a 10-year-old. We saw each other for years but never once talked. He was even my brother’s cabin dad a time or two. Fast forward 7 years and I’m at a high school camp, his staffing. My best friend had a crush on him so it was the first time I found out who he was, didn’t really think much about it. But he asked If I would come be staff at a middle school camp, where he pushed me in the river, sprayed me with a fire hose, and stole my popsicle like we were flirting second graders. True love.


Ellen Porter: I have a good one, told to me later by my husband. So when he first met me in 1990, he saw this woman he found attractive. Before he could say anything to her, he noticed a wedding ring. Being an honorable man, he resolved then to make friends with her (me) but nothing more. And we were friends, but we had not even seen each other in several years when I showed up (a few months separated, not yet fully divorced) at his church’s singles program. He said to me “Ellen, what are you doing here?” I said “John and I are no longer together.” He had a training deployment with the Air Guard for six weeks not long after that. But when he returned from the deployment, we hit it off as never before. 10 years to the month after our initial meeting, in 2000, we were married.


Richard Lax: I met my wife at steak and shake, me and my mother went to have lunch together and our server was slick and wrote her number on my cup and faced it towards me (i didn’t see it). So later on as I was getting out of my mom’s car she said is that a phone number, I looked and said yep and laughed. Went inside and text the number, been together ever since. I think it was 2010.


Krystal Sheltry: My husband And I met on my second day of Freshman year. We were in chorus together and I walked by him and he said “Hi krystal” I asked how he knew my name and He pointed to my name printed on my soccer jacket. We all laughed and of course, I was shy. I played hard to get for about a year and a half and then agreed to date him. We have been married for 11 years.