Women Prefer Their BFF to Their Husbands

When we were girls, our closest relationships were with our parents and later with our friends. As women, when we grow up, we feel the need to enter a relationship that is romantic in nature and settle down. In a lot of cases, the result is marriage. We’re in a committed relationship with our partner. We may even have children together.

All that aside, it seems that more than half of women prefer their best friend’s company to their husband’s. Champneys is a spa and healthcare company that conducted a survey among 1,517 women. They asked whose company women preferred: their husband/partner or their best friend. More than 50% said they’d rather spend time with their friend than with their husband. They had various reasons to explain their answers.


  1. Girl talk

Women feel that when they’re with their best friend, no topic of conversation is off-limits. They’re free to talk about anything and everything. The women polled said they can tell their best friend more things than what they can tell their husband.


  1. Active listening

We all know the feeling: you tell your spouse something that is significant to you. Zero response. That’s because husbands don’t listen as much as friends do, some of the women surveyed said. They also said that when they have a problem, their best friend will listen more and offer advice.

Their spouses don’t do the same. They are more inclined to listen to the advice of their best friend than their husband. That’s because they feel their best friend has listened to them and given the solution more thought than their husbands would.


  1. Party on

Some of the women who participated in the survey feel that they have a better time when they’re with their friends. They feel more able to let their hair down and be themselves. What’s more, they enjoy the fact that when they’re with their friends, there is a lot more laughter and fun. 20% of women polled said their best friend had a better sense of humor than their husbands.


  1. Things in common

Women said they preferred their best friend’s company to their husband’s because they have more in common. They believe that their shared interests make it easier to spend time with their best friends. 40% of women admitted that this is why they enjoy the company of their friends.

Champney’s had commissioned the survey to determine if they should offer more couple’s offerings or girl’s getaways. They felt the information was important as part of their marketing strategy. They had already noted that their all-girl bookings were higher and thought some further analysis for the reasons would be necessary. They had to take into account, however, the fact that spas are more geared to women. It’s an acceptable thing for a woman to visit a spa. Men feel that a spa visit makes them look less manly.

Even so, the results speak for themselves. Even if it was more socially acceptable for men to visit a spa, women would still want to go with their friends. The fact that, on average, women share at least two secrets with their best friend that they don’t share with their husbands speaks for itself. So, girls’ spa days have less to do with mud baths and massages and more to do with having a good time.

Husbands are advised that, if they want to take pole position in terms of their wife’s preferred company, they need to change. They need to listen more and offer good advice. A wife wants to feel that she has 100% of her husband’s attention and that he can offer advice.

The husband needs to take more notice of his wife’s interests and learn to share them. And most of all, husbands need to focus on being a little funnier and a whole lot less irritating! With this winning recipe, husbands might be able to usurp their wives’ best friends for their attention!