Top 5 Ways to Defeat Uncertainty about the Future in a Long Distance Marriage

Long Distance Marriage

Dealing with uncertainty about the future in a long distance marriage can be very difficult. From this article, you will learn five practical approaches and inspirational ideas that can prevent you from becoming discouraged and giving up along the way.


  1. Consider and accept the worst-case scenario

Together with your partner, ask yourselves what is the longest time possible you might remain apart and whether you can handle it. Once you accept that you can indeed deal with the situation, do everything possible to make the relationship work and reduce that period. By committing to the worst situation possible, you will have nothing to lose and things can only get better and easier.


  1. Find ways to shorten the worst-case scenario

There are three possibilities for this: you move to where your partner lives, your partner moves to where you live, or both of you move somewhere else. Consider all alternatives carefully and agree on what works best for both. Don’t see it as a problem, but as a temporary condition that will eventually be solved. And, above all, stop worrying!


  1. Be curious, not fearful

Being curious about whether you can make your long distance relationship work has many advantages. It will inspire you with a desire to be successful, instead of fear of failure. It will make your love magical and mysterious since you will become intrigued and excited about how things will turn out. Therefore, you and your partner will want to strive to discover what the future holds for you.


  1. Make distance work in your favor

The best way to deal with your condition is embracing it and making it work in your favor. How? For one thing, you learn how to communicate much more effectively. That means you discover things about each other much faster and invest more in solving problems through communication than in a classic relationship. As a consequence, you value your relationship much more and are more likely to be happy in the future, since we tend to value more what we’ve worked for than what we take for granted.


  1. Look at the bright side of a long distance relationship

Being in a long distance marriage is, if anything, different. You always have an excuse to travel to see each other, which is an opportunity to visit wonderful places and have more fun. You have to be creative to find ways to develop a deep relationship without constant physical presence. And also, you can use your time alone to develop and improve yourself, since you will have that extra time anyway.


Make plans for the near future, but don’t get tied down by it. Live each day at a time and regard your relationship as something wonderful to be enjoyed right now. The less you become attached to an expected outcome, the less concerned you will be about its fulfillment. Enjoy the trip without worrying too much where it will lead you.