Top 5 Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a consistent difficulty getting to and maintaining a sufficient erection. The causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous. It could be constant stress, depression, side effects from medications, or illnesses that affect blood flow, nerves or hormones. Here are five things you can do to help relieve you of erectile dysfunction.


  1. Medications

There are medications that you can take to help treat erectile dysfunction, though the FDA advises caution for drugs that are taken over the counter.


  1. Penile implants

This is usually reserved as a last resort option, for men who’ve had no success in other treatments. It is a good option for people who have had spinal cord injuries. There are two types, the first is one that is always erect and you simply have to lift it up for sex. The second is an inflatable prosthesis, where you “pump” saline from a reservoir to cylinders in the penis. To deflate, you press a valve, which returns the fluid. Prosthesis does not affect the man’s ability to reach orgasm or ejaculate. However, once the prosthesis is put in, the man will likely never be able to have a natural erection if he decides to have it removed.


  1. Vascular surgery

This is a surgical procedure in an attempt to correct blood vessel caused erectile dysfunction. It is used to repair leaking veins that are preventing an erection or they will bypass certain arteries that are not allowing for proper blood flow. Men who choose the bypass route have a good chance of being permanently cured from erectile dysfunction. This procedure is very common among men who have had trauma, pelvic fractures, or pelvic surgery.


  1. Vacuum devices

Vacuum devices are used for both men and women to struggle to become stimulated during sex. What a vacuum erection device does is it will use a vacuum pump that will draw blood to the genitals. A band, which will prevent the blood from leaving the penis, will be placed around the penis. This isn’t a very common resort men like to use because of its lack of excitement and spontaneity in the process.


  1. Healthy living

The first thing that you can do to reverse erectile dysfunction is stop smoking and start limiting drinking. Smoking is a risk factor for atherosclerosis, which narrows blood vessels that are requires for an adequate erection. Alcohol can suppress chemicals needed for an erection. The cessation of these two things can improve your ability to fight erectile dysfunction.


Another very important thing you can do is to start moving. Regular exercise is important in fighting high amounts of bad cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides, and blood pressure, all of which affect brain health and blood flow. Exercise and eating a heart healthy diet can allow substantial blood flow for an adequate erection. For those whose struggle with erectile dysfunction is a little more serious, or if the man is older in years, then medication might be coupled with a healthy lifestyle. Coupling them has been found to greatly increase the chances of reversing the condition.