10 Ways To Make Foreplay Fun For The Both Of You

Male and female orgasms differ. This is universally accepted and has led to the idea that only women want or need foreplay. This is not true. Generally speaking, sex is easier for men. Their orgasms are quicker and are relatively easy to achieve. But, they enjoy a bit of foreplay too.

Sex is an activity for both of you, and foreplay should be too. Another major perk of participating in foreplay, as a woman, is that it feels oh so good seeing how turned on he is. Foreplay is not a chore, it is a delicious and tantalizing journey of exploration. So, come one come all and look at these 10 ways to make foreplay fun for the both of you.

  1. Don’t lie down the whole time

Psychologically, this makes both party’s think that they must get down to the deed. But that is not the point of foreplay. Switch things up, sit behind him while facing him or sit on top of him. Do whatever feels intimate and comfortable, but remember to keep things moving.

  1. Touch him

Physical content is an incredibly intimate act. Take your time to run your hands up and down his body. Explore every peak and every curve. Savour the feeling of him. He will be delighted by seeing your delight in his body.

  1. Touch yourself

Female masturbation is not a well-discussed topic. But, we all do it and there is absolutely no shame in that. Why not let him watch next time? Not only will he be completely aroused by watching you enjoy yourself, but he may also pick up a few tips himself.

  1. Don’t neglect the kissing

The act of kissing releases dopamine, which literally leaves you craving more. Kiss him, everywhere. Leave no inch unexplored.

  1. Speak

Talking dirty is not for everyone. But, that does not mean you have to be silent. Voice your desires. Tell him what you want, tell him what feels good, tell him how he makes you feel. This will not only clear things up for him, but will also make him feel desired.

  1. There is no need to ditch your clothes all at once

Again, take your time. Seduction and anticipation are the names of the foreplay game. Remove each other’s clothes slowly, piece by enticing piece. This will build the mood and raise the heat.

  1. Play some music

Sex and foreplay are great. Silence is not. Compile a hot playlist that will get you both in the mood. The music will also engage more of your senses, making for a more immersive experience.

  1. Give each other a massage

Foreplay does not only have to be sexual in nature. It can also be sensual. A full body massage, with infused oils, will calm both of you down and get both party’s’ very much in the mood.

  1. Start the foreplay early in the day

If you are out for dinner or for a drink, start whispering in his ear. Tell him how good he looks, how excited you are to get home. If it is a weekday and you both are at work, start sending him cheeky messages. Having sexual escapades in your mind, in a public place, is incredibly erotic.

  1. Play games

You don’t need your own custom playroom to be able to participate in a bit of role play. Dress up, tie each other up, use toys if it tickles your fancy. It really doesn’t matter what you do. The point is to relax and have fun.