Top 4 Simple Ways To Unplug and Relax When You Need It

unplugging and relaxing

During the day you have to deal with a lot of stress and responsibilities. Work, errands, taking care of your kids. Sometimes it can be hard to relax.

Learning to unplug for 30 minutes can positively affect the other 23 and a half hours in a day. Anxiety, stress, anger, sadness. These are just a few of the negative traits you can rid yourself of through meditation. By relieving your body of all the tension, you will see a difference, not only in your own happiness but in the strength and resilience of your marriage and family life. Relaxing will allow you to be fresh, calm and collected so you can have a clear head to succeed in being happy.

Meditation is the act of pushing aside any distraction and living in the moment you are in. Experts have studied it for many years, but you can learn how to unplug in mere minutes.

Here are just a few ways you can unplug and relax:


  1. Straight up meditation

Sit and focus on a single item on the wall, repeat a word over and over or listen to the in-and-out of your breathing. eventually, your focus on that single thing will loosen and you will find yourself in a land of nothing. At first, this may not be easy, but with patience and practice, you will be able to slip into it like a thought.

Once in the void of meditation, just let it engulf you. This is where you will find peace and feel yourself rid the extra baggage that is stress, fear, hatred and more. You are now unplugged. When you find your thoughts sneaking back in, focus on the single thing again and repeat the process.


  1. Food Meditation

Try this one when you are sitting down to enjoy a food you enjoy. Stare at a food on your plate, or in your fingers, and think of the process that led to it being in front of you. Imagine the steps. Enjoy the sounds, scent, and feel of it. Hold it in front of your mouth before placing on your tongue. Feel the texture and begin to chew as slowly as you can. Enjoy every piece of it before swallowing, smiling and going on with your day.


  1. Walking Meditation

Stand up and stand still. Wiggle your toes, move your ankle and feel your feet beneath you. Take a slow step forward with your right foot. Feel the heel hit the ground softly before slowly putting weight on the front. Do the same with your left foot. Feel the movement of your whole body with your legs. After three minutes of fixating on your walking, your mind will have eased.


  1. Calm Meditation

Breathe in and out through your nose seven times. Picture the bad energy leaving you as you do it. Now, take seven more breaths, but exhale through your mouth. Now, breathe solely through your mouth seven more times. Your breathing will be normal, but your energy will have shifted.

These effective ways of unplugging can take 30 minutes of your day, or they can take 2 minutes. Take the time you need to relieve the stress. Before you know it, you’ll notice positive differences in your life.