Top 5 Tips for You and Your Family to Stay Hydrated

Drinking water

Let’s face it, drinking water isn’t always the first choice in options to drink especially when there are so many other delicious options to choose from. But with our bodies made up of 60% water, water is an essential part of any individual’s daily diet. Little tricks throughout the day can help you obtain your 8 glasses a day water intake.


  1. Just say “No” to the sports drinks

The biggest misconception about Sports Drinks is that they can be a replacement for water. Sports Drinks are only best for short term effects and not long term effects. Sports Drinks are high in sugars and if you are trying to lose weight, this may not be the best option for you. Have a conversation about this with your spouse and encourage each other to drink more water


  1. Beware of sugar

Having too much sugar in your daily diet can make sugar absorb the water you have in your body. For this reason, you may get thirsty after eating that yummy donut or cookie. Just as a reminder, when at the grocery store, make sure you and your spouse are reading all the labels on every product because something as simple as ketchup can be high in sugar content. Make reading labels and catching sugar or fructose syrup into a fun game for the entire family!


  1. Eat more vegetables and leafy greens such as spinach

Not only is it high in Vitamin C, iron, dietary fiber, niacin, and zinc but it is also a good source to help get your body a tad bit hydrated. Iceberg Lettuce has always been the King in getting some hydration but raw Spinach is a great replacement, especially in the nutrient department.


  1. No disruption eating

When you eat without the distraction of a television, phone and/or computer, you pay attention more to what you are eating and even drinking. It also means less social media time and more social bonding time with your loved ones. Have a “No Electronics at the Table” policy and you will notice a difference in your eating habits quickly. It will also make you communicate more with your spouse, which can help you improve your marriage!


  1. Rinse your Produce

Before eating any produce always rinse it off, even when you are about to cook it. No need to pat it dry, the excess water will help with the added hydration you are looking for. Not rinsing your produce before you eat it, can lead to dehydrating illnesses like E. coli and Salmonella.


Food can create healthy, happy relationships. Make it a date night by cooking dinner together and eating by candlelight with good conversation. A little more casual? Have fun with your spouse at the grocery store by picking your favorite healthy foods. Read the labels, taking that bit extra time to read everything thoroughly will result in your body thanking you in the long run.