Internet Romance and Dating – Do Couples Who Marry Last?

online dating and marriage

In the 21st century, people have another exciting form of dating. They simply have to create accounts on their favorite dating websites and seek a marriage partner. While online dating is seen as the last resort when searching a life partner, some people can swear by it. They found their spouse online, had a few dates, decided they were fit for each other and tied the knot. Although internet dating has simplified the way we meet lovers, there is one more concern. Does internet love work? Do internet lovers form lasting marriage relationships? There are two answers to these questions—yes and no. Some couples who met online are in happy marriages, of course. But they might be the fewest.  The ones that have collapsed or headed there are quite a lot and one may not help but wonder why.


As we all know, traditional dating advocates getting to know each other well before getting married. Although there are rare cases, you will hardly ever hear of a couple that wedded a few days or weeks after meeting for the first time. Instead, those who follow the traditional dating protocol date for several months before getting engaged and married. This is not the case with some of the people who find their spouses online. A man and woman may flirt and chat online for many months before deciding to meet physically. Feeling as if they already know each other well, a couple may let the excitement get in their heads and get married without further ado.


The issue with internet love is that there is a delusion of openness and honesty. When emailing each other or chatting live, both parties assume that they are getting the real truth about each other. This method of knowing each other is like playing a movie role. A person could escalate his or her success and achievements in life just to get attached. When face to face dates are ignored, you can end up marrying your fiancée along with all the lies they told you. It would be too late to avoid separation or divorce when you strip the pretence that your internet lover created before.


Meeting people online and marrying them afterwards is a good thing, of course. However, your internet romance should eventually be like the traditional dating. Your spouse and you should date long enough to establish a real physical and mental connection. By getting to know each other, you can avoid entering marriage with someone you cannot share a life with.  While the first few months of marriage may be just fine in every way, soon or later you will discover a weakness in him or her that you cannot live with. If your love is strong and pure, you will not succumb to marital challenges too soon.


On the other hand, you might find that you are the only one trying to save the marriage and discover that your spouse has completely lost interest in saving the relationship and he or she is actually back to internet love search without your knowledge. So, focus on honesty when searching for a marriage partner online. Take time to know your fiancée before you say “I do”.