Inevitable life Problems that Could Stress Any Marriage

Marriage has a share of its own challenges and joys. Some challenges are easy to solve while others can be impossible to solve. The latter are like visitors who come uninvited and refuse to leave. These challenges are with you when you fall asleep and when you wake up. Even if you manage to solve them eventually, you will have endured a lot of pain along the way. This is when being with your spouse until death do you part becomes so difficult to fulfill. That’s when the true feelings and intentions of your spouse can be exposed.  If your marriage hasn’t been through major trials, be grateful as there are others who are struggling so hard to stick together. Three things that could challenge any marriage and test it mercilessly include the following.


Whether triggered by an accident or a disease, disability can attack a marriage in a terrible way.  If one partner gets partly or fully disabled, a lot of sacrifices have to be made by the other person. For instance, if the disabled person can no longer work, the healthy spouse must become the sole bread winner.  At the same time, they might have to nurse and help their spouse do the things they could do for themselves before.  If the disabled partner doesn’t have disability benefits, their situation might be so hard to manage financially. Naturally, this can be so difficult for just one person. When they are too depressed and weighed down by how things have turned out, the disabled person might think they are to blame. If no support or intervention is sought, a disability can break a good marriage.

Degenerative illnesses

Some diseases affect a person’s ability to have physical intimacy with his or her marriage partner. For instance, a disease such as diabetes may cause a case of sexual dysfunction in males. There are other diseases such as cancers that affect a person’s reproductive systems. If a spouse is likely to be so sick for a long period of time, one thing that would change is how often the couple can have intimacy. And if there is a permanent disability that could affect a person’s ability to have physical sex forever, that’s a long-term crisis. It’s too unfortunate that nothing can be done to improve some of these situations. Unless one is totally in love with their sick or disabled spouse, they may be tempted to have an affair or to end the relationship.


Some cases of infertility can be solved medically and others are permanent. Any type of infertility can hurt a healthy marriage, though. This is mainly because most men and women want children. Infertility tends to open up the worst and the most embarrassing questions and comments from those around us. How would a couple answer those weird questions for the rest of their lives? It takes teamwork to make a marriage work when there is total infertility. Desperation will always creep in and then you will both put all your hopes, efforts and resources into attaining a goal that is out of your control.

If you are facing any of the three challenges we have described above, it will take a lot of commitment and patience to stick around. But every problem has an answer even if it’s not what we want to hear. So seek help.