How To Relate Better With Your Husband

couple showing how wife can better relate to husband

Relating better with your husband will be fruitful and nurturing for your relationship. No denying, better understanding forms the foundation of any relationship. Women and men have different mind make up. The two not just differ in physiology but psychology as well. They both react differently to similar situations, they perceive matters from various perspectives and may have divergent approaches to deal with any situation. It may take ages understanding the behavior of the opposite sex. But that said, no matter what, intentionally connecting with your man may be difficult but crucial.


When you carefully observe your relationship, you will find certain occurrences that may turn harmful for your bond of love with your husband. Try avoiding following six habits to engage the heart of your men and solidify your relationship:


  1. Never nag: A better approach is to have a straight, face-to-face dialogue with your husband about anything that is bothering you. If that fails, you can seek outside help. But nagging always makes matters worse. It never improves but hurts a man. You may hamper a good marriage by always nagging on your husband’s shortcomings.
  2. Never publically embarrass your man: Criticizing your man in front of his pals and peers may put him on rage. It can be devastating for your relationship. Even when your man does not react at the moment, he may secretly harbor anger against you, that may get reflected sometime later in a different situation or context.
  3. Cheer up your husband in spite of his flaws. We are never born perfect. And perfect marriage is a mere fantasy. Don’t get caught in the trap of fantasizing a perfect marriage. Focus on the brighter side and look for positive traits in your husband. Complement often for the good things he has.
  4. Don’t have a casual outlook towards sex. No denying, sex is an inseparable part of any marriage. More importantly, it matters to your male partner. In fact, it’s crucial for him. Device creative ways to surprise your partner time to time. Tell him about the things he does right, and remind him how good your husband makes you feel.
  5. Respect his job as you do yours. A husband always expects her woman to nourish his vision for life. Share his knowledge on what he does. Appreciate the pressures your husband experiences at work. Interact with him about his work. Be his partner in the career.
  6. Never forget to love your husband as you love your kids. As years go by, a woman gets so involved with her kids, that she forgets to give equal attention to her husband. She often does not notice the growing distance evolving between her and the most important man in her life. Gradually the closeness seems indifferent. Over time, you find yourself living with a stranger. Don’t let such a phase come in your relationship. Develop new ways to accompany and enjoy the companionship of your husband. Take regular getaways to renew and rejuvenate your relationship. Explore ways to reconnect to enjoy life together.