If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, You Hit The Jackpot!

Did you hit the marriage jackpot? If you did, you have a husband that does tiny things that make your married life particularly lovely – like these 10 things. If these signs sound familiar, you made the right choice by marrying him.

1. He says “I love you” often

Those three words are easy and simple, but they go unsaid too often in some relationships. If your husband voices his love often, he not only is clear about his affection but he also isn’t afraid of communicating his feelings.

2. He loves his mom

Your mother-in-law was the first woman your husband lived with and loved. If your husband loves and respects his mom, that’s a good indication that he’ll treat you with love and respect as well.

3. He still flirts with you

Flirting is a sign that your husband is still young at heart when it comes to his love for you. If he still does things that give you butterflies or make you smile to yourself, you’re sure to have a happy marriage.

4. He puts you before anyone else (including himself)

Once he committed himself to you, your husband should never look back. If nobody else in his life (not even himself) matters more to him, he’ll definitely always be there for you.

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