6 Signs You Married the Best Husband Ever

It was amazing to me that so many people had advice on how to deal with my first year of marriage. Plenty of advice flew in from all directions, and soon I was completely befuddled as to what I was supposed to do as everyone said we would fight, and that marriage was not like in the fairy tales.

It is highly unlikely that two people would go into a marriage believing that they are Prince Charming and Snow White but with love, compassion, and care for each other, the first years of marriage need not be a battleground. If you are feeling a little low, here are a few things that indicate that your husband is the best thing that ever happened to you.


He is a helpmate

He knows that you are at the limit of your tether and that stress is building, so he takes over many of the things that you usually do to make things easier for you. That unexpected dinner invitation, those clothes taken out of the drier, the dishwasher that is emptied are all the kinds of little things done so that your stress is lowered. Treasure them and say thank-you!


Those hard times are made easier

It is inevitable that you will suffer heartache. The loss of a loved one, the death of a beloved pet, retrenchment or unemployment are all troubles that will come your way but being able to turn to your husband and receive comfort and love will go a long way to dealing with the despondency. He may not be able to lift the burden of your sorrow, but he will be there to help you carry the load.


He listens

You will find that your husband will listen to you, not only hear your voice but listen to you. He will take your concerns into account and will try to help in any way. Pay him the same level of respect and listen back. Remember communication is not only talking but making sure the message is understood.


You are #1

He shows that you are the priority in his life. Nothing is more important than you, not his job nor his family. You hold pride of place, and he ensures that everyone knows. Since he has made you his priority, you do the same thing and make sure that you are there for him as well.


Love Blooms all around

He has his own way to let you know that he loves you. He doesn’t have to say the words always, understand that the gentle kiss on the forehead, his taking your hand in public, the cuddle in bed in the morning, a hug at any time of the day are all indicators that you hold center stage in his heart. Devise your own little signals that he is precious to you too.


He makes you happy

Your husband is human and will make mistakes, but he does all that he can to keep you happy. You both know that facing this world without your other half would not be as much fun nor as easy as it is now. Learn to forgive and cherish your time together.