10 Things that Indicate You are a Great Wife

Being married is not always easy, and everyone that has had a successful marriage will tell you that it takes work. All relationships take work but here are some indicators that you are the best wife that you can be.


You put him first

Your husband comes first in your life. To you, he is more important than your job, your hobbies, your children, your friends, and your family. Nothing comes in the way of him when he needs you.


You love cooking for him

Preparing his favorite meal and ensuring that he has the healthiest food is essential to you. You take the time to ensure that his meals are nutritious and even if his favorite meal is not that healthy, you make sure it is regularly put on the table for his enjoyment.


You cheer him up

You know just how to make him smile and to relieve his tension. Everyone loves to be happy, and you know just how to make him happy. You know his favorite jokes and things that will make him smile.


You guard his secrets

Everyone has some things that he or she would be unhappy about the whole world knowing. You don’t share those secrets with anyone; they are kept between the two of you. Your husband will share his deepest thoughts and feelings with you because he trusts that you will keep his confidence.


You don’t nag

There is a vast difference between nagging and reminding. Don’t go on and on about something, rather talk reasonably and come to an agreement, then leave it be.


You like his friends

His friends were around long before you, so you make every effort to fit them into your shared life. You realize they are important to him, so you do what you can to make them comfortable in your life.


You let him do things for you

You are quite capable of changing a light bulb or building that flatpack bookcase, but you don’t because you know that he likes to do those things for you. He needs to know he is essential in your life.


You write to him

You take the time to leave silly notes where he can find them. A quirky doodle in his lunch box or a red heart Post-It on is shaving cream! Sending him a text message in the middle of the morning, telling him you love him will make him smile and make him feel loved. Just remember to choose your time carefully and not interrupt an important meeting.


You relish his successes

It doesn’t matter in what sphere he has succeeded; you feel excited about his achievements. It does not have to be a big promotion at work; it can be achieving a personal best when running or cycling or it can be passing an examination to climbing a mountain. No matter what, his achievements are your achievements, and you show him how proud and excited you are by them.


You enjoy doing things for yourself

This may sound a little strange, but by doing things on your own, you demonstrate to him that you are a complete person. You love having him in your life, but you do exist without him. By having outside interests, you become a better conversationalist, and both of you look forward to time spent together.