5 Ways to Use Elements of Surprise to Improve Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Time wears everything out. This is a universal law that has and continues to apply to just about anything in life. This doesn’t mean that some things can’t last. Relationships are one of the few things that can and should withstand the test of time. Intimate relationships are the most demanding. However, you can use the element of surprise to reinvigorate your relationship and meet those demands. The following are 5 great ways to improve a relationship with your spouse.

  1. Discover a New You

People often feel trapped in their relationships because they are dealing with the same old issues every day. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative, but even the positives can become boring and routine and stop being seen as positives, especially after years in marriage. That’s why it is important to continually evolve your character and educating yourself. This could mean spontaneously learning a new skill or learning a new language. It could also mean finding a part of yourself that you may be neglecting, such as a developing a better sense of humor and an ability to make jokes.

  1. Help Your Spouse Discover Something New

You can improve your relationship by not only learning something new yourself, but also by encourage your partner to learn something new. You can also find activities that you can do together. For example, music speaks to the soul, and if you learn how to play a new instrument together, a new kind of chemistry can be found between the two of you. Taking dance classes can also be a great way to reignite the chemistry in a relationship.

  1. Surprise in Bed

Surprising your spouse with some new sexual technique is an excellent way to spice up a relationship. The best way to go about this is to try something small, and if your partner appreciates the gesture, expand.

  1. Observe Silently

Being observant of your partner’s needs and wants will give you the opportunity to pleasantly surprise them at the most unexpected moment. If you know your spouse has wanted something for a long time, don’t be too quick to verbally respond with a yes or no. Take note, do what you can to get them what they want, and then surprise them. This is a genuine gesture that your spouse will definitely appreciate. This also includes taking note of things you do that your spouse doesn’t like and then behaving in the way that will make your partner happy. For example, if your spouse likes certain things in your home in order, you can help him or her keep them in order.

  1. Value Yourself

Finally, do not undervalue yourself. This may seem strange, but when you view yourself negatively, it is easy for people around you, including your spouse, to notice and start doing the same. Recognize the good in yourself. Your partner will feel your confidence and it will be a good foundation for your relationship.