How Social Media Sites and Internet Dating Have Affected Marriages

social media destroying relationships

Technological changes have been so fascinating so far. Communication is quicker and faster than it ever was before. Furthermore, we now have options when we wish to communicate: emailing, video-chatting, phone calling, instant messaging and so on. Besides communication, the internet dating has spiced up the old school sort of dating. Internet dating sites and social media websites have all simplified the task of meeting new people on a daily basis. While this makes life more interesting and elegant, the aforementioned technology changes have destroyed several marriages and relationships.

Previously, couples were willing to work on their marriages because they loathed divorce and starting all over again. Now men and women have more options to take when there are disagreements and conflicts at home. Cheating has now become super easy with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and a lot of cupid dating sites around. The sites are not the problem, people are. Initially, these were designed to be social networking websites where people from all over the world could meet and exchange knowledge, business, fun and photos and so on.

Now these are not the only things people do. Those who have bad intentions such as breaking up their own marriages or wrecking other people’s marriage converge on some dating sites and social media websites. Sugar daddies can quickly meet cute and young sugar babies while cougars can hook up with handsome cubs. There are groups on Facebook that encourage cheating, of course, and you cannot tell if your significant other has joined. Besides, social media sites allow people to reconnect with people they have known in the past. Some of these are ex-lovers. If a married person starts a conversation with his or her Ex-lover, both are likely to form an affair.

With all the flirty and sexual comments people can make on social media, it becomes easier to see how marriages will continue to end. People exchange inappropriate message to members of the opposite gender more often on social media than they do via personal emails. And if they haven’t changed their Facebook settings from public to private, anyone can read their flirty messages. That’s how significant others might find out that their spouse is up to something fishy. Furthermore, all people, including the married ones, spend more time on social media than they do talking face to face with their loved ones.

If one has no time for verbal communication with his or her marriage partner, that’s a major way to start ending a good relationship.  What’s more, chatting on Whatsapp or another dating or social media site at home might make the person who doesn’t do it curious and stressed out. Most people will suspect an affair even when it’s not the case.  Moreover, some people have expressed their anger and hate towards a partner they had separated with on their Facebook wall. There is no doubt that some social media networking sites have created easier ways to meet someone new. As they will be with us for many years ahead, people who love marriage should learn to use these sites appropriately.