How To Relate Better With Your Wife

photo of couple showing how to better relate to wife

Women and men differ not just in their genetic makeup but also in psychological and sociological aspects. You cannot treat a lady in a similar manner as you treat a gentleman. They are excited and amused with different things. They have different perspectives and perceive things differently. In fact, women are much more complex creatures than men.

It may take years of continuous efforts to get a nerve on the temperaments of your woman. But while you that, here are some habits you should completely avoid to have a lasting and loving relationship with your woman:

  1. When your wife comes up with a problem to discuss, do not jump to a solution before she finishes sharing. Women need to share and talk much more than men do. They expect a good listening husband. Women love to be heard carefully. It reflects your love and respect for them. Apparently, the physiology of men pushes them to jump straight to solutions right away. But that’s not something your wife expects. Their psychological makeup forces them to share every last detail with their husband. What your wife expects is your undivided attention! She expects you to look straight in her eyes when she is talking. She wants you to hear her heart, experience her pain and exacerbation, and simply be there by her side.
  2. Never teach your wife about how to feel. Giving logic to explain the feelings of a woman is making her feel unimportant, dismissed, and unheard.
  3. Never dismiss a hurt for which you are responsible when your wife describes it to you. Be sensitive to the feelings of your wife and be minded to apologize. In the words of men, if you have made a mistake, admit it. When a man admits his mistake, it makes his wife feel treasured. It imbibes her trust on him. Wives expect a transparent relationship with their husband where there is no room for sweeping faults under the rug. In a marriage, often two imperfect people come together and create a great relationship by admitting their faults.
  4. Your wife sees sexual intimacy differently from what you do. When a woman desires to be close to a man, it’s not always about sex. A woman needs to feel loved. She needs her affection time to time. She expects to be appreciated timely by her husband. Intimacy to a woman means talking heart-to-heart, walking side-by-side, and holding hands. Husbands must understand the need of a woman for intimacy, and not just for sex. Women expect to feel respected before falling for sexual intimacy. They need to be cherished and esteemed.
  5. Don’t expect that your job is done as you come home from the office. No matter your wife works or stays at home all day, she expects you to stay by her side and come along to care for your children and your house. When you readily do your part, it gives her immense joy. No words can describe the happiness a woman feels when she watches her husband connect with the kids.