7 Ways to Help Your Husband Upgrade His Look

The more time you spend with your husband, the more likely you are to realize that not much has changed as the years have passed. This is especially true when it comes to his wardrobe. While you may spend all sorts of time thinking about the newest fashions and making sure that you are keeping up with the Joneses as far as what you’re wearing, a lot of men don’t do this. This is especially true after they’re married, when picking out the best wardrobe choices don’t seem to be as essential as it may have been back when they were focused on dating.

No wife wants to look at the same clothes years on end, so it may be time to investigate a few helpful resources that can bring your husband up to date with stylish accessories and fashion choices. The Menlo box is a great resource for helping men stay on top of fashion choices, and you can get 20% off when you sign up for the MarriageBliss discount page.

Hubby Update: Fashion Choices made Easy

Help your husband improve his wardrobe without missing a beat by focusing on simple accessory updates and fashionable staples that can go with anything. Here are a few tips for helping your husband to look his best:

Tip number one: Accessorize. Many men don’t realize that a little bit of accessorization goes a long way! Rather than leaving the outfit at a shirt and pair of pants, getting a few new belts, some cufflinks, or even a nice tie can go really far away and helping to spice up and otherwise ordinary outfit.

Tip number two: Color Palette Changes. All too often, men start to fall into a rut in regards to what colors they like to wear. Mixing this up and dressing more colorfully can help bring life into an otherwise drab wardrobe. For women, dressing with the seasons is second nature, but many men don’t follow the rules of darker colors in the cold weather and floral prints in the sunshine. Adding a bit of these seasonal colors in a sweater, a tie, or even a colorful pair of socks is a great way to add a bit of excitement to your husband’s wardrobe.

Tip number three: Tailored suits. When it comes to office attire, women are certainly at a bit of an advantage. There are so many options in regards to shape and style, that a woman can dress entirely in her own way and still look professional. Men, however, have suits. And if your husband isn’t having his suits tailored to meet his needs, then chances are he isn’t looking as polished at the office as he ought to be.

Tip number four: The right balance. Tip number one may have been to accessorize, but the final tip goes hand in hand with this. In addition to needing to balance the accessories, wearing the right balance of those accessories is integral. If your husband tends to wear the same belt every day, then adding one or two new belts to the collection may help to customize their outfits a bit more without making too stark a change in their dressing behaviors.

Tip number five: Shoes. Many women have a closet full of shoes, but for men, the choices are usually limited. Having a few different pairs of shoes can really help to spice up an otherwise plain wardrobe. Every man should own a pair of casual sandals, a pair of dress sandals, a pair of sneakers for exercise, as well as a pair to wear out casually, and at least one pair of nice dress shoes.

Tip number six: Socks. Having fun socks it’s a great way to mix up your wardrobe and add a little bit of creativity and flair to an outfit that’s otherwise quite plain. Socks are a great way to accentuate your personality, and your husband needs to wear them anyways, so they are a simple way to add a bit of fun to any wardrobe.

Tip number seven: Menlo Box. Keep your job simple by having the fashion updates delivered directly to you. Save 20% on your first box when you sign up for the MarriageBliss discount page.

If your husband has been wearing the same clothes for years on end, then now is a great time to help them out by making these few simple changes. Updating your husband’s wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just adding a few creative elements to his current dressing habits can go a long way in helping him feel and look more fashionable and polished.