14 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

The longer you’ve been married, the more predictable holidays like Valentine’s Day become. How many married couples don’t even celebrate holidays like this because they don’t want to fall into the trap of the same-old same-old. Years of disappointment and wasted money can really put a damper on the excitement surrounding holidays like Valentine’s day, and if you aren’t careful that malaise can work its way into your daily interactions, even eventually interfering in the health of your relationship. Don’t let it happen again this year. Forget the plain old chocolate and flowers (Okay…well actually, maybe get those too–they’re still great). You can really spice up your marriage and show your wife how much you love her by being creative this Valentine’s Day with these 14 fun gifts that are perfect for your wife:

  1. Concert tickets: Events like this are a great way to spend time together and break out of the mold of the typical week.
  2. Go to a local play: Check your local colleges for their theater schedule, or see if there is a local theater group in town.
  3. Join a book club together: Some local bookstores have monthly meetings. This is a great way to meet other couples, too.
  4. Try a cooking class: A nice meal at home is lovely, but taking a class like this together is a great way to share the responsibility and learn something new.
  5. Skydiving: Something thrilling like this experience will leave a lifelong memory.
  6. Horseback riding: This is as romantic as it gets, and a great experience that is different than what you usually do together.
  7. Furniture: If you are having trouble thinking of something fun, go practical. Invest in your home to show her how much you care. Pick up that chair or armoire she’s been wanting for ages.
  8. A subscription box: Make your gift of love last all year long with a monthly subscription box that fits her interests. Get 10% off the Little Life Box until February 15 when you sign up for the MarriageBliss discount page.
  9. Have a date night in: Get a babysitter to take the kids elsewhere and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet at home together.
  10. Cook for her: Even if a cooking class isn’t in the cards, a special meal prepared at home is a lovely treat.
  11. A winetasting: Check to see if there is a local vineyard that does wine tastings. Otherwise, many bars do wine tastings or cheese pairings.
  12. Take a dance class: Learn how to salsa or do the waltz, and then commit to heading out on the town and showing off your moves together.
  13. Run a marathon: What a better way to show your love than to commit to training and running a marathon (or half marathon) together.
  14. Chocolate and flowers: It’s really not cliché. It’s just lovely.

Rather than spending money on an item that’s going to be left around the house, be creative and make a new memory this Valentines day. So many of these recommendations help you do exactly that. Rather than having another stuffed animal in the house, or buying a piece of jewelry that will sit in the jewelry box while she’s at work all day, these gifts would provide a memory and time together to help bring that spark back into your marriage. You fell in love with each other and got married because you enjoyed spending time with one another, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to return to that way of thinking by doing something fun and creative and opening the doors to new experiences.

Find a babysitter and spend the night home enjoy each other‘s company. Take advantage of the MarriageBliss club discount code on the best subscription boxes for a unique gift that will last all year. Show each other that you really do appreciate the time that you spend with each other and how hard you work for each other. Being creative with these ideas is a great way to ensure that you have a happy Valentine’s Day.