5 Questions Every Husband Should Ask Himself When His Wife Starts Crying

In every marriage, there is going to come a time when every husband is faced with his wife crying for no apparent reason. Although seeing a person cry can be a bit frightening at first there are ways to deal with tears that will transform you into very much appreciated husbands.

Tears can be very difficult to deal with especially if you are not used displays of emotion. However, the ability to deal with tears will put you firmly on the list of best husbands ever.

Tears can be very good therapy in allowing one to get it all out. Research shows that women do actually cry more than men. Women undergo hormonal changes at puberty that also predispose them to more and easier tears. Interviews have come up with sums like women crying a minimum of around 30 times a year to a man’s 6.

Physically women have shorter tear ducts than men, so the tears can spill out more easily, and men have more hormones that inhibit the production of tears. So if you are a man you are more likely to come across your wife crying than the other way around. If your wife enters into the minimum category, you are like to find her crying once every ten days or so.

So, what should you ask yourself when you find her in this state? Here are five simple questions that will help you to deal with this situation.



  1. Is this a medical emergency?

This is the most important question because if she is hurt then there is a physical problem and you are going to need to take care of the situation quickly and efficiently. Take a deep breath, be calm and ask some leading questions. If there is blood or she is in a strange position indicating something broken call an ambulance. Take care of it.


  1. Is she emotional?

Are the tears caused by fluctuating hormones? PMT or post-childbirth hormonal levels can cause copious tears. Women have more prolactin in their bloodstream than men, and this is also known as the tear hormone. Crying for no reason at all can be attributed to hormonal changes.

Try and question her gently, if she is unable to formulate a reply, then you can deduce that the tears are emotional, and are caused by a hormonal imbalance. Here’s how to be the husband that every woman dreams about, just sit down next to her and hold her in your arms. There is no need to talk or find solutions. Just be there for her.


  1. Is she tired or hungry?

Tears can be a response to being overtired or having low blood sugar. You can start asking when she last ate or how well she slept last night. If this is the case, sit her down, give her something to eat or gently lead her to bed. She will be bright and sunny the next day, but she will also never forget your kindness in taking care of her and the chores she left undone.


  1. Is she crying for a problem that needs dealing with?

This is emotional crying that is not caused by hormones, and it stems from real needs or problems. In this case, you still need to be present. Hold her and allow her to cry, when the tears begin to subside, you might be able to start gentle probing to allow her to start working it through.


  1. Is it me?

It might be something you already know about, like the close encounter with the gorgeous redhead in your office, or it might be something that you have done unthinkingly that has caused pain. If you know what it is, man up and deal with it. If you don’t, find out and accept responsibility for what you have done.