3 Ideas for an Affordable Travel Date with Your Spouse

couple enjoying their date

There is a number of fun and exciting ways to go out on dates that don’t cost a lot of money. Traditional romantic dinners will rightfully never go out of fashion, but there are many other ways to treat your spouse on a special occasion or without one, and they do not need to cost much. Travel dates are an affordable and creative way to do something that allows you to spend time with your spouse yet is not a traditional, conventional date.

Such dates offer an opportunity to bond and interact in a new, exciting way. You do not need to go far distance-wise. Your local city, town, village, or neighborhood has plenty to offer.


Faux Tourism

Be tourists in your own town. You can sign up for a bus tour or go on a walking tour. Walking tours are becoming more and more popular all over North America. It is possible that some of your local businesses and organizations offer tours, too. Examples involve brewery tours, vineyard tours and more.

One of the newer concepts of exploring your own city is called Open House. You can see if it exists in your town by visiting http://www.openhouseworldwide.org/

Open House Days is when organizations and places of interest that are usually closed to the public open their door to anyone and everyone. During those days you can usually also get free tours. For example, in New York City a few years ago it was possible to visit the TWA historic terminal at John F. Kennedy airport that is usually closed to the public. Knowledgeable tour gives where explaining the history and significance of the terminal. It was also possible to get a tour of waste removal plants and see other somewhat weird but very interesting places.

Driving around with your partner can also turn out to be an occasion to remember. You don’t have to visit all the landmarks and popular sights. Passing through places you and your spouse share memories can work just fine, too, especially if one of those places includes the location where you first met.


Old Fashioned Picnics

Drive out of town to a secluded place where you can extend a mat and enjoy the fresh air. This old fashioned method is tried, trusted, and should never be forgotten. You don’t have to live in the countryside to make this work. All you need is a car, a little time, and you will find a place that offers just what you need. If you are in a big city, you can take a train or sometimes even walk.

Typically, as little as a 30 minute train ride away from the center of a city can take you to a location that would feel very different from the places you typically visit. This is an opportunity for those willing to scour their area and find a great spot.

If your local area doesn’t offer any scenery at all, wait for the sun to set, then gaze at the stars at night from the roof of your car. It is also possible that you have movies or concerts in the state and city parks during the warm months of the year. Bring a blanket with you and have a picnic while watching a movie on a big screen. In winter you can always take a trip to a scenic snowy place.

Get a picnic basket from a local deli store and you will have great snacks with you, too.


Take public transportation to a safe place you don’t usually go to

You could always leave your car at home and take a train or subway to a place you don’t often visit. It doesn’t matter where you go. What matters is an experience. Taking a bus or a train means that you won’t have to think about traffic and you can relax and give your undivided attention to your partner. Depending on where you go and your local laws, you may even take some alcohol, such as quality wine, with you.

Pointing out a few attractions, a great sunset, or a memorable place is all part of a road date, but it is not the main point. Your relationship, how you choose to move forward with it, and in what way you do so is what really matters. If you focus more on what makes your spouse special, you will find that they can make any place significant and eventful, no matter where you are.