10 Tips For Married Men Who Want To Fix Marriage Issues

Happy family

  1. Your wife is on your team

It may not always feel like it, but your wife wants to see you succeed. If you fight a lot, you may get stuck in the emotions that do not reflect what both of you want for your marriage and for each other. If she is not in favor of you doing something that is important to you, like starting a business or making an investment, talk with her first. Do not get upset, angry or make assumptions that will most likely turn to be not true. Find out her fears. Financial security is important to a woman. Show her how you will be taking care of her in the present, not just in the future when things work out.


  1. Stuff Happens. Plan for It

Stuff comes up in every marriage that could tear it apart, including misunderstandings, old flings, family tragedies, and life-changing accidents. The best thing you can do is talk about it with your spouse before it happens and be prepared. Have plans and checklists that you will follow in case of an emergency. Create a will. It is not a pleasant thing to discuss, but you will be better off if you do prepare.


  1. Say no to porn

Today marriage is under attack from all directions, including TV, radio and porn Love you spouse and make love to your spouse, not to the picture on your phone or the video on your monitor. Porn is a product created by men for men. There’s nothing in it that you can learn from or benefit from. The best thing you can do for your health and your family life is avoid it altogether.


  1. Love your children

Are your children or grandchildren active in sports, or in the fine arts? Do they like arts and crafts? Or do they feel they are not good enough, or not coordinated enough? Spend time with them. Teach them. They may not develop skills in all areas of arts and science, but you do want them to explore their talents and capabilities and find what they are capable of. Love on them in ways they appreciate. You will both love the time together. Your wife will love you for it.


  1. Love your wife

Love on your wife like her happiness is your utmost priority. Show her that you choose her over anything and anyone. This will not have a positive effect just on your marriage. Love her like that and show your kids how to love their spouse when they get married, which means that your behavior can influence several generations of your family.