Top 6 Ways to Restore Trust in Your Marriage

Couple with trust

Trust is key to any marriage and sometimes you need to restore trust in a marriage. Here are six ways to restore trust.

  1. Admit your dishonesty

If you are looking to restore trust then you need to admit your past lies and provide your spouse with all the information he or she needs or wants. Your natural impulse will be to deny your words and actions, even if there is evidence that you did what you did. Dishonesty harms trust and if you need to rebuild the trust you have lost, you should admit to the lying you have done in the past.

  1. Voice your emotions

This is an important step for both of you. The betrayal of trust comes from dishonesty, so make room for transparency if you want to move on and improve. Voicing your emotions in the right way, in the spirit of honesty and transparency will help you grow on your own and together, so you can begin to trust each other again.

  1. Explain your actions

After you have done something wrong, and you want to restore trust, it is going to be hard for your partner to trust you straight away. You need to explain your actions to help them understand, this may seem bold and courageous, but that is what will save your marriage. Why did you do whatever it was that you did? What were you thinking at that time? There will always be a reason as to why someone has made a mistake, and when the reasons are understood it will be easier for your partner to restore trust in you.

  1. Apologize sincerely

Some people find it very difficult to say sorry, because that word means so much to them. To others, this is easy as they can say it without mean meaning attached. If you are looking to restore trust in your marriage, you need to acknowledge your faults and apologize for them. However rejected you may feel, remain sincere with your efforts. Keep apologizing until you feel you have done it enough, only sincerity will win your partner back.

  1. Give your partner time to think

While trying to restore trust in the marriage, both of you will have a lot to think about. One person needs to think about the mistakes they have made, while the other needs to deal with the betrayal. Allow your partner to take time off from the relationship, allow them to breathe and make sense of what has happened. After giving each other space, you will eventually find each other again.

  1. Make long term plans together

The breaking of trust can really shatter a marriage. Some relationships are not capable of making it, but some work their way through the struggle. If you wish to restore trust, you will have to devote time to each other and make long term plans together. By doing this you will bring some much needed framework back to the marriage. It will offer the security that is needed at this stage, and something that both parties can work around.