4 Steps to Get Into Flow and Be Happier in Life and in Marriage


Our mindset is a crucial element of happiness. In this sense, the concept of “flow” relates to achieving a positive state of consciousness through challenging activities that are especially satisfying. It means finding your true self by engaging in tasks that you love to do and with people that you love. From this article, you will learn the four steps in the process of getting into a flow and becoming deeply involved with activities that will bring you happiness in your personal life and also in your marriage.


Step 1: Identify flow sources

Getting into flow requires using abilities to tackle demanding situations. Skills and challenges feed on each other: without skills, you cannot face challenges, without a challenge you cannot employ your skills. Therefore, you must look for situations in which both these elements are present. Start by identifying the abilities you have, whether sportive, professional, social or artistic. For example, you might be very good at handcrafts, cooking, organizing events, tennis, writing or acting. With your list in hand, now look for challenging opportunities to apply those skills – enter a poetry contest or tennis tournament, cook a meal for twenty people or organize a birthday party. It is important to use and hone your skills continuously in order to perform increasingly demanding tasks.


Step 2: Go for it

It’s no use doing all the brainstorming and then not taking action. You have to start somewhere and sometime if you want to reach any results. Don’t let excuses such as lack of time or opportunity get in the way. This is not about having more or less time, but using it wisely to enhance the happy moments in your life.  So, to get into a flow, you have to really take that first plunge.


Step 3. Allow enough time

Once you start an activity, don’t expect to get into flow immediately. Remember that is it a state of mind, and despite being timeless, requires time to be reached. You will know you have reached it when what you are doing is so pleasurable that you completely lose track of time. However, it takes previous effort to actually enter flow. Don’t approach it lightly or casually, but with focus and determination.


Step 4. Insert flow in your routine

The general pattern of life is the daily grind of survival, and it couldn’t be any other way. We all have face boredom, stress, and conflict throughout the day. That is where flow can help, by breaking the routine with pleasurable moments that help us enrich our lives and marriages. Set aside a few hours a day to get into a flow and engage regularly in whatever activity you have chosen to do. Make flow a part of your routine and be sure to do things you greatly enjoy at least a few hours every day.