Why Boredom is Bad for Your Marriage and How to Get Rid of It

Marriage bliss is real and most couples experience it at the beginning of their life as a couple. The start is usually full of exciting honeymoon trips, compliments, and lots of love from others. Unfortunately, the thrill doesn’t last. It fades as years go by as boredom kicks in. Some couple’s moment of boredom arrives after they have spent a lot of time together and there is a little left to learn about each other. Inevitably, marriage bliss and excitement diminishes over time. When it is all gone, a husband and wife stop doing all the activities they previously enjoyed. They stop doing dinner dates and going to the movies. Before they realize it, boredom has taken its toll on them and the spark is lost.

Why boredom is a marriage killer

While boredom shouldn’t end your marriage, your partner and you shouldn’t drag through the day wondering what happened to your marriage. You should realize that boredom is dangerous and has the ability to damage your marriage faster than any addiction. Boredom could make you get into the same habit of doing things. For instance, your lives could revolve around work and children and make your relationship lifeless and dormant. As well, boredom could provoke one partner to cheat. He or she may decide to seek fulfillment outside marriage, leading to affairs. An affair is a major cause of divorce or separation.  If you have noticed a lot of boredom in your marriage, do something right now.

How to eliminate boredom

Even if your marriage feels dead, it can be saved. All it takes is a little bit of effort from everyone. If your partner is not willing to try, however, don’t be bothered. Stay focused on doing everything that could revive your passion and excitement. Start by recalling and analyzing all the things you did together when you started out your marriage. When he or she least expects it, ask them out on a date. Ensure that you have planned a real date at a special place that could help bring back the memories you both had before. If you have kids, get a babysitter or take them to their grandparents’ home.

This will let you to spend a private moment together. After this date, make sure that you set aside at least one night every month for only the two of you. During this day, plan exciting activities that you can do together, including a stroll at the park or on the beach. Even if you don’t choose fancy picnics, you will end up being alone. This will help you catch up on many things and fall in love once again. You can also join classes that you both have an interest in just to have fun and learn.

For instance, you can join a local fitness class or buy a diet plan for two. If you love going outdoors, perhaps you can go hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing or skiing. Things you can do together are numerous. Finally, a weekend getaway or a few days vacation can do wonders to your boring relationship. It can be your best moment to revive your communication and appreciation for each other.