6 Easy Trust Building Exercises for Your Marriage

Trust is vital in marriage, so here are six different exercises to build trust with your spouse.

Get to know your partner

It is never easy to trust a stranger, and while your partner will not see you as a stranger, they will trust someone more when they know more about them. They need to feel that they can put their life in your hands, and not worry about it. This means finding out as much as possible when it comes to your partner and sharing everything about you with them. Share each other’s past, the beliefs you hold and the principles by which you lead your life.

Speak from your heart

Learn to speak from your heart when talking to your partner. This is especially important when you are delivering news that they may not like, or may not want to be told. However, if you want to build trust with your partner then you cannot lie. Telling the truth, even when the message you are giving is bad, will always sit well with your partner.

Make your partner your number one priority in life

A lot of people who are in long term relationships, especially those who are married, forget to make their partner their number one priority. This is even truer when children are involved, you both become obsessed with your children, forgetting about each other. Don’t ever forget about each other, despite how busy you may be and show your partner that they are still number one in your life.

Be your partner’s cheerleader

Whatever your partner decides to do in life, you will need to be their number one cheerleader and be 100% supportive. Having faith in their ability to achieve whatever they want means that you believe in them. Any doubt means that you don’t trust your partner will be successful, and in return your partner is likely to trust you less because of this.

Actively avoid temptation

You need to actively avoid temptation, but you also need to avoid it for the right reasons. Avoid temptation because you do not want to put yourself in a compromising position. This may mean that you have to take your partner with you on a business trip, to a business dinner or to a gathering. Invitations that also include your partner exist because of this need.

Know your partner’s language of love

People understand love in many different ways. As a partner, you are expected to know what your partner needs from you, and perhaps more importantly what they expect from you. This will enable you to give them exactly what they want and need. The different languages of love include words, gifts, touch and time, some people need all of those, while others respond better to certain ones rather than others. Trust is built successfully when love is allowed to grow, if you don’t understand what your partner needs then you could be giving too much, or giving the wrong thing.