Top 3 Things Money Can Buy to Make a Married Couple Happier

“Money can’t buy happiness” is an old adage that few people actually believe. Yet, it is not easy to pinpoint precisely how money can buy happiness. After all, there seems be so many unhappy rich people. It is true that there are things money can’t buy. For example, money can’t buy great, authentic relationships. No matter what car you buy, you will still be stuck in traffic. If you are driving an expensive sports car, being stuck in traffic is even more frustrating than when you drive an old 4-cylinder economy car. When it comes to dealing with organizations that are almost monopolies, such as electric companies, cable companies and others, you will still have to deal with terrible customer service. All of this is true.

Money does not buy happiness per se, but the means to be happy, especially for couples who need a strong base on which to build a life together and a family. From this article, you will learn three things than money can really buy which, if wisely used, will certainly contribute to the happiness of married couples.


Money can make life more comfortable in many ways for a married couple. The home is an obvious example. Spacious rooms to accommodate the whole family, a well-equipped kitchen, modern appliances, comfortable furniture, all of these things go a long way to helping a married couple deal with the bustle and stress of modern life. A good car makes life easier to take kids to school, get to work and run errands. Eating out, going to concerts and theaters, and traveling to different and exciting places add enjoyment and fun to married life, since these are pleasurable occasions to be shared with spouse and family.


Money can also provide married couples with support from different professionals to make life run smoothly or overcome difficult times. Parents of young children know well the value of a good family doctor willing make visits in the middle of the night. Maids cook and clean, lawyers and accountants keep the family’s legal and financial affairs in order, tutors help with school grades and family therapists see couples through emotional crises and rough patches. Money makes it possible to hire such support when needed, helping to alleviate the normal strains of married life.


Above all, money buys couples the economic freedom to choose what they consider best for them and their family. That means being free from financial concerns and debt, ensuring the best health care possible for the family and buying quality products, especially food. Couples with a good level of economic freedom can choose how many children they want to have and give them the kind of education they find most suitable. In addition, they have more freedom to take professional risks when they are dissatisfied with their jobs and wish to move on or set up their own business. In short, they have the necessary security to lead a married life on their own terms, without restrictions imposed by economic constraints. Any couple will be happier being able to choose how they want to live.