15 Top Rated Kitchen Knives on Amazon

Best chef knife

best chef knife henckels

4.6 stars, 634 reviews

“I work in a kitchen, and I use this knife for everything. I would recommend this knife to anyone who does a lot of prep work. The thing I like most about this knife is how thin the blade is and how well-balanced it feels in your hands. It’s so lightweight and small (compared to my old ten-inch knives) that I just want to cut anything. I even use this blade at home, even though I have three other chef knives to choose from. I just love the way it feels in my hand; it’s so natural.”

Best Japanese chef knife

japanese chef knife global

4.8 stars, 507 reviews

“My husband and I LOVE this knife! The brand was recommended in a raw-vegan recipe book I had purchased, so I ordered both the chef’s and paring knives. We’ve only owned it for a few months, but we use it for EVERYTHING! It is sharp, strong, and very comfortable to hold. We cut tons of vegetables in our house, so this is probably the most-used item in our kitchen, and we are very happy with it! I would definitely recommend the Global brand to anyone who is serious about chopping.”

Best ceramic knife

kyocera ceramic knife

“I have been seduced by my knife. It’s lightweight and conforms so naturally to my hand. This baby slides right through tomato and peach skin (although I also have a ceramic tomato slicing knife that I love, too). I love that I cut through cheese, brownies, and fudge this holiday season without ‘sticking.’ I have quite a few good knives (Cutco, Wüsthof), but I love the Kyocera ceramic knives so much that I gave them out for gifts to all my girlfriends. Besides, every girl should have a pink knife, right? I put mine in the dishwasher, which is something you shouldn’t do with most other good knives. My son is a chef who uses those very expensive Japanese carbon-steel beauties, and he approves of these, too.”

Best butcher knife

stainless steel butcher knife

“I know my way around a kitchen and have used a variety of cutlery tools for various tasks. This cleaver does what it’s meant to do and more! For the price of this knife, I was not expecting too much. Boy, was I wrong. I have used this piece of cutlery for anything from slicing meat [to] chopping vegetables. The knife comes VERY sharp, so take caution when removing it from the box. This cleaver has a great grip and is easy to handle. Another thing I really appreciate about this clever is its weight. I like a cleaver that is hardy and has a little meat (pun intended) to it. This one does — but it is not bulky or heavy, per se. I have owned cleavers ten times the price of this one and have not had half the success.”

Best carving knife

carving knife

“I can finally slice meat like I know what I am doing. Wish I knew about this knife a long time ago. I like the weight and feel of the handle, too. Supersharp blade cuts through quickly and easily … Buy this knife, you will not be sorry. Can’t wait to bring this to my brother’s home in Vermont come Thanksgiving and show it off.”

Best boning knife

victorinox boning knife

4.8 stars, 1,603 reviews

“I’ve never owned a boning knife. I was missing out. This is a joy to work with; I reach for it often. I love my chef’s knives, but butterflying a chicken breast with this is just so easy, as if it were born to slide through that tender meat. Tonight, I separated a rib-eye steak from its bone practically by looking at it. For Christmas, I’ll be scoring the fat on a duck. It’s so nimble. Great knife. If you’re on the fence, as I was, get one.”

Best sushi knife

nonstick sushi knife

Kitchen + Home Non Stick Sushi Knife

“IT IS PERFECTLY DESIGNED FOR SUSHI. This is a very decent knife, it is a bit on the light side, and that makes it feel tinny in your hand. It is very sharp out of the box … It works well for light meat and vegetables, but there isn’t enough ‘heft’ for heavier meats or other items. The holes do make it stick less, so it works excellently for its intended purpose: sushi!”

Best paring knife

j.a. henckels paring knife

J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC 4” Paring/Utility Knife

4.7 stars, 299 reviews

“This knife was bought for me by my husband from my wish list for Christmas, to replace my old Henckels that accidentally got broken (trust me, it took a lot!). It is much heftier than the old one and took a few uses to get used to, but this knife is GREAT, and for the price, just can’t be beat. I’m one to take my knife with me when I travel, as I tend to cut myself when using ‘foreign’ knives. So this one will now be traveling with me every summer, and of course is my ‘daily driver!’ Love, love, love this knife!!”

Best serrated paring knife

victorinox serrated paring knife

“This knife is one of the best for the price. If you want to cut tomatoes or any other fleshy fruit or veggies, do yourself a favor and buy a simple serrated knife. This one is affordable and does the job perfectly. Also, it’s very sharp, so be careful that you don’t cut yourself. A serrated knife is a huge advantage to a straight edge. We’ve used this for four years, without any sharpening, and it still cuts through tomatoes easily.”

Best serrated utility knife

wusthof serrated utility knife sausage knife

“In Europe, this knife is called the ‘sausage’ or ‘brunch’ knife. Since Americans don’t usually cut baguettes or Weisswurst as part of making lunch, however, Amazon has chosen to call this what it is: the serrated utility knife. Name notwithstanding, the edge on this knife is the same as the one on the Wüsthof tomato and bread knives, and the knife does in fact do splendidly on tomatoes (which aren’t too terribly different from sausage) and crusty bread … Where this knife truly excels, however, is cutting citrus. The blade is long enough to handle grapefruit, and the scalloped edge will cut even kumquats and key limes without crushing the pulp. So I would have called this the citrus knife (or, maybe, the ‘soft things with a hard skin’ knife). While mine doesn’t get used as often as the paring or chef’s knife, it’s among our kitchen’s top five.”

Best serrated bread knife

victorinox serrated bread knife

4.8 stars, 1,279 reviews

“My wife and I live around the corner from a wonderful bread shop, so we give this knife a fair amount of use during an average week. It slices through both soft, fresh loaves and hard, crusty ones with ease. Serrated edge is no joke and makes quick work of hard cheeses and other slicing needs you may have around the kitchen … It is lightweight, but feels solid and secure in the hand. No reason to believe this knife will dull anytime soon, even with regular and consistent use. Happy with the purchase and definitely recommend!”

Best serrated bread knife under $20

serrated bread knife

“I received my bread knife, and it exceeds my expectations. I have been searching for the perfect knife to use on our homemade bread for a while now. I really like the way this knife feels: Weight, balance, handle, and blade are wonderful. It is perfect! I only wish I would’ve known about it years ago. Thank you for creating the perfect bread knife!! It will not go in a drawer. I have it out with the rest of my often-used knives.”

Best cheese knife

prodyne cheese knife

4.4 stars, 598 reviews

“I never realized how important it is to have the right knife to cut cheese. After struggling for years trying to cut cheese with the wrong knives and only ending up with a mangled mess, I finally bought this knife, and what a difference! The holes keep the knife from dragging on the cheese, and they cut it very neat and clean. I would buy this knife for a friend.”

Best stainless-steel steak knives

j.a. henckels stainless steel steak knives

4.5 stars, 682 reviews

“These knives are fantastic! I have owned these for over a year and I use them ALL the time. I run them through the dishwasher, but there are no blemishes or stains, and they haven’t dulled. The design is beautiful because it looks like silverware instead of a bulky steak knife. I am also happy that the handles are seamless with no room for defects, dirt, etc. I already own two sets because we use them so often. I couldn’t be happier with this product, and I highly recommend!”

Best steak knives under $20

amazon basics steak knives

“These are an excellent set of steak knives at a surprisingly low price. We needed extra knives for Thanksgiving and looked at local stores. The prices were pretty high, so I went on Amazon and bumped into these. I was skeptical about the quality. Eight knives at such a low price seemed rather dubious. They looked like they’d be fine for Thanksgiving Day, so I took a chance and ordered them. When they arrived, my wife and I were really impressed. They’re much beefier than I expected. The handles are a bit larger than the knives we have, and the blade is wider. The serration extends from about the middle of the knife to the end point. Best of all, they are very sharp! Turkey Day arrived, and these guys sliced cleanly through all the meat. We love them! They look great, have a little heft and weight to them, a decent-size handle to grip, and a good-size blade that does its job very well. Without question, if you’re looking for a set of steak knives, I’d heartily recommend these.”