Top 10 Sexy Games to Play With Your Spouse When You Are Apart

woman taking selfie showing sexy games to play when apart

  1. Good morning

Spend a few minutes getting your partner all worked up in the morning, almost ready to go before you hop out of bed and start getting ready for the day. This early morning tease is an amazing way to build anticipation and suspense throughout the day, making you both look forward to coming home and finishing up.


  1. Foreplay all day

After years of marriage, we tend to fall into the trap of only communicating necessary information through the course of a workday. One way to spice things up and build anticipation for your nights together is to send sexy messages throughout the day, staying in touch and stoking the anticipation. A flirty message in the morning, at lunch, and declaring your excitement on the way home can go a long way, and nothing is sexier for your spouse than feeling you desire them.


  1. Challenge game

The couple that plays together stays together. If you and your spouse have a competitive streak, taking on a series of sexy challenges is a wonderful way to have fun and build intimacy together. These challenges can range from simple and innocuous to downright dirty. Below, we have provided a few suggestions, but this is a game where you can let your imagination run wild.


  1. Every room in the house

After a while, most couples seek the simple comfort of their bedroom for most of their sexual time together. One way to liven up your sex life is to challenge each other to have sex in every room in the house. This is a great challenge because it opens your whole home to intimacy, and also encourages you both to engage at times and in creative ways you might not typically enjoy. At the end of the day, the bed may still be your favorite, but you’ll definitely enjoy your adventurous trysts throughout the house.


  1. 7 days of experimentation

One fun, and fairly temporary challenge you can both enjoy is the “7 new positions in 7 days” challenge. If you’ve been together a while, chances are you’ve tried things a few different ways, which makes this challenge all the more fun. Depending on how creative you get, you might find some of them awkward or totally silly, but you may just find a new favorite!


  1. From fantasy to real life

If you both have an active fantasy life, chances are that you may not have come together to come up with a joint fantasy. In this game, take time with your spouse to craft the perfect sexy scenario, whether it is strangers meeting at a bar, or a couple hooking up for the first time. Even the act of creating this story can be deeply erotic, but the real fun comes when it is time to act it out. Challenge your partner to act out your fantasy, in character and as realistically as possible. You’ll find this experiment to be totally creative, and totally satisfying.


  1. Bring toys into the bedroom

Many couples, especially those who have never used sex toys, might be hesitant to bring them into the bedroom. Men, particularly, tend to worry that the toy may be a replacement for what they cannot satisfy. But fun, small toys can be an exciting new addition to the bedroom, encouraging you to focus on foreplay and a world of new pleasures. Give a small vibrator a try and you’ll be surprised at the fun games you can invent.


  1. Learning a strip tease

This may sound ridiculous, especially if you are relatively uncoordinated. But with a little training and effort, almost anyone can learn to do a sexier and more enticing strip tease. When couples have been married for years and years, they may become used to each other being naked throughout the course of the day. By adding this erotic element to getting undressed, you’ll be able to surprise and arouse your spouse with your new skills


  1. Do it in every room of your house

If you find that you almost always make love to your spouse in your bed, you might want to make a game of exploring your home. Challenge each other to do it in every room of the house. Doing this naturally, when you happen to be in the same room at the same time, is a great way to encourage spontaneity (but also tricky if you live with other people or kids!)


  1. Daring games: going on camera

This may be a bit spicy for some people, but many couples enjoy taking videos or photographs of themselves having sex so they can watch and save for later. Many people especially love to film on special occasions, if they are trying something new, or if they are acting out a fantasy scenario. Players be warned: be sure to stash your film and pictures in a safe place so they aren’t discovered!