Marriage in Trouble? 3 Warning Signs You Can Spot In The Bedroom

By Ashley Papa

If a relationship is in trouble, it probably started in the bedroom.

That’s the honest advice that health coach Dr. Mark Shannan’s grandmother once offered him — and, Shannan said, the notion often holds true for couples today.

“This is because giving love, having it accepted, and then having it returned are some of the greatest emotions that a person can feel in life,” Shannan, the author of “The Original Design for Health,” told Fox News. “All three components are critical for a healthy marriage [or] relationship.”

A lack of any of any of those components can snowball into bigger problems, he said. If you feel things have drastically fizzled out in the bedroom, here are three foundational signs there may be a bigger problem.

You’re not having sex or even kissing.
If you or your partner has lost the desire to make love or so little as touch one another, something’s up, Shannan said.

“Everyone knows that stress, and being physically or emotionally exhausted from the pressures of life — like work, kids, caring for an elderly loved one, or a thousand other responsibilities — can take the wind out of your sails,” he said. “However, we all need to connect physically with our wife or husband, and if you can’t or won’t give that to them, they will seek it out elsewhere in some shape or form … it’s just a matter of time.”

Your partner acts uninterested or turns you away.
If you are attracted to your spouse and you come on to them regularly, but they often turn you down, it’s time to talk. “This is a huge red flag,” Shannan said.

That said, it’s crucial to be sensitive to your partner’s schedule and energy level when you’re initiating physical intimacy. “If the love of your life has been going full speed all day, then seconds after you’ve put the kids to bed may not be the opportune moment to try and seduce them,” Shannan pointed out.

If that’s the case for you and your sweetie, Shannan recommended incorporating some pampering into your bedroom time — or, simply time your pursuits more wisely. “Consider attempting to get frisky after a long, hot bath and a sensual massage that you offer to give them, or let them get a full night’s rest and try again first thing in the morning,” he suggested.

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