Tinder couple awkwardly meet for the first time on live TV after 3 years of messaging

In the world of dating apps, there’s playing the long game, and then there’s straight-up procrastinating. 

One pair of college students have found fame after dilly-dallying for three long years on Tinder, messaging back and forth without ever actually meeting up. But, at long last, they’ve met in person. Live on TV. 

Michelle and Josh achieved viral fame earlier this month, after Josh tweeted screen shots of their three-year long running gag of late replies to each other. Tinder caught wind of the pair’s procrastination and even offered to pay for the pair to go on a date

The pair have FINALLY met for the first time on Good Morning America in front of millions of viewers and it was every bit as awkward as you can imagine. 

As the two hugged, they both giggled nervously. “It is so good to finally meet you,” said Josh. “I’m blushing like crazy,” he added. 

After the show, the pair headed off to Maui, Hawaii, for their casual first proper date.