Three Things That Could End Your Marriage Quickly

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Marriage is a serious thing that requires a lot of hard work and commitment. If a man or a woman gets into marriage to please people, that’s a recipe for disaster. One should be completely sure of what they are getting themselves into. Assuming you are in marriage now, there are many things you should avoid doing to keep your relationship going.  Three of the most important things to do away with include the following.

1. Anger

If you cannot control yourself when you get angry, this can easily become the reason why you will get divorced or separated. Anger makes people think and act irrationally. There are things you can do when you feel angry and regret your entire life. It is because of extreme anger that people move from just verbal fights to physical fights. Anger can trigger domestic violence that could result to serious bodily harm. Besides, anger can get you in trouble even in your place of work. If you get terminated, your marriage would be directly affected. Hence, if you are guilty of getting angry to a point of smashing things, hitting people or doing other violent things, act now. If you don’t, anger may damage your marriage to her or him.

2. Affairs

Several couples that are divorcing each other today are doing it because of one affair or many affairs. Infidelity is the root of several marital issues because it causes the aggrieved party to feel betrayed. The person who is cheated on might feel less valued, rejected and depressed.  Men are thought to start most affairs, and there are so many discussions online on why they cheat. This doesn’t mean that women are saints. Wives cheat on their husbands too and when they do, it’s usually with his best friend, his boss or someone he knows. Regardless of who has an affair, it can be so painful and destructive. In fact, there are a few people who continue to trust their spouse after forgiving them for infidelity. If you are currently cheating and have not been found, just stop it. But if you can’t stop it, the truth will come out eventually and you will get out of marriage.

3. Addictions

There are some people who got married to someone who had addictions and others who are now living with someone who developed an addiction. Any activity that snatches too many of a person’s resources (time, money, mental concentration etc), is an addiction. Serious addictions are drug abuse, alcoholism, pornography, masturbation and extramarital sex.  If you are addicted to another type of sex or a sex arrangement than the one you do in marriage with your partner, that’s enough to hurt his or her feelings. Imagine a case where a man or a woman prefers to watch porn and then masturbate than have actual intercourse with his or her partner. It can offend the person who is not doing it to an extent of hating themselves or their sexual performance. If you are married to a drunkard or a drug addict, you cannot have any meaningful conversations or do serious activities like budgeting or investing together. Intimacy itself would be lousy. If you have an addiction that is affecting your partner’s wellbeing, get help right away. This is if you seriously love your marriage and wants to keep it.