Things Your Husband Needs To Hear From You

Contrary to popular belief blokes actually like to talk, and there are some things that a bloke busy being a husband needs to hear. Part of being together and staying together depends on your complicity and intimacy in your partnership.

Couples who stay together have good communication, and although women have been tipped as the speaking part of the couple, sometimes we don’t always know the right thing to say.

Your husband does need verbal affirmation so here are some suggestions. Read this through and look for something that strikes the right chord with you. Remember it and use it when the time is right, and you can surprise and reinvigorate him with something that he really needs to hear.


Being appreciated

This is the single most important thing for almost every type of relationship whether it’s your mom or your boss or your husband. Let the person who means the most to you know that they are appreciated. Be specific and tell him what he did to made you feel great and how much you appreciate him.

Men often do small subtle things to show that they care for you. Show him you noticed and tell him how much you appreciate him, he will feel like a king, and he will make you feel like his queen. Tell him how much of a woman he makes you feel.

For a sex life that rocks, tell him exactly what moves he did last night that makes you appreciate his performance. Tell him you appreciate that he takes the rubbish out or helps you in the home. Even if you have divided the chores and he is only doing his part, you can still tell him that you appreciate it.


Honesty and trust

Your husband needs to know that with you he will always hear the truth and that you will trust him to do the same. Men want a woman who is completely honest with them and they need to have a safe space, to be honest, themselves.

Your husband needs to know that he can trust you as fully as you trust him. This might seem like a very tall order, but baring your heart to your husband is one of the quickest ways to intimacy.

Honesty is the first quality people will list when asked what they want in a partner. If your partner is honest with you, then you can feel safe and comfortable. If your husbands know that he can trust you, he will give you the best of himself. Honesty brings freedom and allows your relationship to work in the best way possible.


That you are happy

Your husband needs to know that he has chosen an amazing woman as his partner. When you are happy and feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your life, he will enjoy a little confidence boost.

You did vow to be together in bad times and in good, and he will love you no matter what, but having a confident, happy woman at his side will make him proud. When you feel happy and successful and dress and take care of yourself to reflect this, you will impress him. Showing your confidence by how you speak about yourself and how you dress will give him more confidence.

Men love to hear that their woman is happy so don’t be afraid to tell your husband how happy you are in your life and your marriage. Your whole relationship will be stronger for it, and he will feel so lucky to have a woman like you at his side.