Study Shows Better Communication Results In Better Sex!

Men report better sex lives when they communicate with their partners about intercourse, according to a new study. Researchers asked couples to keep sexual activity records and complete partner performance surveys after sex, and found that men in particular reported significant improvement in their partners’ sexual performances.

“The mere fact that the couple discussed sexuality more in their relationship and that they had to keep a joint diary helped to enhance their sexual response,” said Michaela Bayerle-Edershe of the Medical University of Vienna, in a press release.

The finding was essentially an accidental outcome. Bayerle-Edershe and colleagues set out to measure the effects of treating women who reported chronic lack of sexual desire with the “bonding hormone” oxytocin. Half of the women took an oxytocin nasal spray, while the remaining participants received placebos. The researchers were surprised to find that every male partner in the study—even those whose partners were taking placebos—reported significant improvement in their ladies’ sexual performances and, in some cases, better erectile function.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine | Study on oxytocin and female sexual response

So if the oxytocin wasn’t bringing magic back into the bedroom, what was? Bayerle-Edershe and her team looked back at the design of their study, and remembered the sexual activity record and partner performance questionnaire. They then realized that their study design had forced partners to increase their focus and communication surrounding sex. The implication being that when partners talk about how and when they’re hopping on the train to Bone City, they have a better time. This, despite not seeing any increase in the frequency of sex or desire for sex in the placebo group.

The new research was a follow-up to a 2016 investigation of oxytocin and female sexual response, which reported similar results—namely, whether participants received oxytocin or placebo, they reported better sex after the study. So maybe cut back on the oxytocin and quick fixes, and keep a joint sex diary with your lady for a better boost in knocking boots. Or, enroll in more studies on sexual response—apparently, either approach should do the trick.