Never Underestimate What You’ve Been Through to Get Where You Are

Life is about playing the cards we’re dealt.

This world is based on appearances. Because of that, we tend to compare our lives to others and in the same time compare the hand of cards we were dealt. We can sometimes devalue our hand because it’s not as glitzy or glamorous as other people’s. We can wish to be someone else, or have the life they are living, without truly knowing what’s going on, just from outside looking in.

Some examples of the cards we get dealt: “good” parents, “bad” parents, no parents, adopted, grandparents raised us, a single parent, or whatever.

Another example of the cards we’re dealt: Being born into a poor, middle class, or monetarily wealthy family.

Another example: Your childhood experience: happy, sad, awful, painful, or other.

Some of the cards we were dealt are awful and painful, however, we have to be dedicated to overcome our past and stop the cycle. It’s not about the cards we were dealt, it’s what we do with those cards.

You deserve to see your brilliance, you are a beautiful soul with a heart, mind, and soul. Watch my latest video and begin to see your value and understand how far you’ve come. This video will inspire you to be honest with yourself and honestly see the work you’ve done in your own life and value that work.

Remember: It’s about being better than you were yesterday not about being better than others!