5 Ways to Have a Date With Your Spouse Without Leaving Your Home

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you cannot take your spouse on a date. By definition, dating is described as a romantic appointment. As such, it is in no way dependent on extravagant spending or specific locations.

The key is to mark the calendar date as a time during which you dedicate yourself to your spouse. Attention, time, and sharing are what it is all about. That can all be done from home and in a way that sets that particular date apart as a special occasion.


Food tends to be an integral part of dates. This should be no different when having a stay-at-home date. Cooking at home can make for a great dating experience when done right. Sure, most couples probably do cook at home, which is why you need to do something different. Challenging yourselves to cook meals you have never tried before is one way to mark the occasion. Get an exotic recipe and dare yourselves to pull it off.

Working together would create a special bonding moment. On the other hand, you could both try to dare yourself to cook the same meal and see who does better. This sort of teamwork and/or competition is the perfect recipe for a memorable date.

Whatever you are up to in the kitchen, be sure to make it something you will not easily try again, so that it becomes special.

Binge Watching

This is a home date option for those who want to be lazy for a bit. Put your feet up, get comfortable, and turn on the screen. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all release multiple episodes of shows simultaneously. You can find something you like and have a nice long marathon of a TV show like House of Cards.

If you feel like having some variation, you could choose a particular genre and then binge watch within that category. Be sure the environment you are in is appropriate to whatever is being viewed. Dim the lights if you go for horror, make sure snacks are plentiful if comedy is being served, and keep close to your partner if romance is what you opt for. Staying close, no matter what is being watched, is an essential part of the deal.


Games can be a great activity. Your game date night can consist of computer games or board games. Just as it is true with kitchen challenges, this can turn out to be a highly competitive, and it can make for a great time. It is perfect for those times when you want to be close but not say anything.

There are different types of games, and choosing a type that is best suited for the both of you is important. Young couples might go for video games that get them excited. Older couples might try board games as these do not offer as much noise. TV Consoles such as Wii come with numerous options where you can play computer games and exercise or dance at the same time. You can be throwing things, shooting a tv console gun and so on. This is a great way for you and your spouse to work out together, stay healthy and have fun. Do some research on TV console activity games and TV console exercise games. Some of the games require additional equipment such as a fitness mat. Make sure you have all the equipment you need before you plan your date.  

In any case, whatever your pick, make sure it is something you know your partner will agree on. It should, at all times, be something both fun and engaging.

Home Art

An art night can turn out to be a great date night for you and your partner. Order a pizza, open a bottle of wine, and grab hold of a paint brush. There are other forms of art you could engage in as well, such as making origamis, and some music in the background would make for a great environment. The best thing about this is that you can keep what you make as a reminder of that day.

Home makeover

Transforming your home can make for a great home date. A great example of this would be to turn what is usually a quiet household into a temporary dance floor. Setup a karaoke system and sing freely. This is your special day and it should be treated as such.

Even if your home was already set up for fun and games, try something else, explore different possibilities. More importantly, make sure the entire makeover process is something you and your spouse do together. The means are more important than the ends in this case. Work on how you want to go changing things with your spouse. Even if such home changes only last for a few days, the experience will be something you will always remember, along with everything learn about yourselves.