Longer Marriage Starts with A Cheaper Wedding

Cheap Wedding

Many people have planned out their dream wedding since they were young, hoping for a fancy wedding dress, a top-notch DJ, and a beautiful sprawling vineyard as their location.

It looks like an expensive wedding might not be so great for the marriage, at least according to science. Research from Emory University found that having an inexpensive wedding (and engagement ring, for that matter) leads to a higher chance of a long-lasting marriage.

Many couples already face financial hardship, and financial strain is notoriously hard on a relationship. A costly marriage only adds to this strain. According to the study, the average wedding today costs around $30,000 (dang!). But couples who spend under $1,000 are the ones who are most likely to stay together.

That fancy wedding probably sounds amazing, but if you want the honeymoon stage to last past your actual honeymoon, you want to consider spending your money elsewhere.


This article first appeared on SimpleMost