It Takes Creativity To Be Courageous

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.

―Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Creativity is internal

Creativity begins within the person. The creative juices flow out into the material or physical world. The material world is not what creates the creator. The creator’s mind makes the physical. You are the creator. No need to criticize—instead, begin to understand others and phenomena. By focusing on the inner, you will not need to engage in random patterns in your life. We do not know how much we are capable of if we do not put forth the effort. It is the mind at work. If we believe we are frazzled, we are. If we think we are empowered, we are. Simple yet transforming. Be patient with yourself. Create meaning for yourself. Become passionate again, and see that life is a creative experience. Take good care of your mind and spirit. They are always there ready to help you live exceptionally. Your mind will help you accomplish whatever you desire. Be overly kind to yourself. Decide to live a life of curiosity—don’t become jaded. Cynicism is unbecoming.

Bringing your unconsciousness to life

Many artists, writers, and musicians say that when they start doing their work, or they get into the creative zone of genius, they do not even feel like they are doing any work at all. It is like they are in a trance and flowing out their vibes. It is good. It is a pure creative flow. It can come to you anytime, of course—but when you are in your element, it is something that is essentially thoughtless. It is just being. Right here. Right now. Here, the unconscious is brought into a different waveform. It can be seen, felt, or touched. It is beautiful.

It is indeed awakening your inner self and allowing it out. Creating is natural. And, it is all about creation.

Being creative feels good

Being in the artistic flow not only helps to get your body moving, but it feels so damn good. When I am in my studio and working on a painting or drawing, I am so connected to everything and nothing of myself and the universe. It is utterly fantastic. The mindless chatter goes away. Yeah, the chatter may be there in the beginning, but once you are feeling what you are doing—it all begins to feel right. The same goes for writing, dancing, sculpting, acting, performing, making music, recording, and anything that involves your creative mind—it feels right. Magical.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.


Creativity liberates a person from material illusions

If you are reading this, you probably know that most of life is a bit of an illusion. You might open a door but do not think about the fact that, perhaps, that door was just installed a few hours before. You live in a house, but might not think about the ideas it, took to make the house the actual physical space you are inhabiting. Being aware of the illusion allows you to slip into your creative mind. When in the creative zone, you begin to see a symphony—it almost seems like a game with vividness to the eye. Life seems as if it is unreal, as it is only as real as you choose it to be. If someone asks you something, you decide how you want to respond. Do you want it to be memorable? Or do you want it to be a standard exchange? Most times, they are monotonous exchanges. Creativity begins when you wake up and decide to say, “I’m doing brilliantly well! Life is grand! How about you?” It is common to walk by someone and ignore that they are passing by you. And while, many times, they are not going to acknowledge you, give it a try to engage with them if possible. It only makes for a more enlivening human experience.

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

―Pablo Picasso

Creativity is psychological

Psychologist Abraham Maslow says, “Creativity is the stepchild of psychology.” He also says creativity or ‘creativeness’ is a higher part of self-actualization, as it allows one to recognize and epiphanize their evolving and growing self.


That inner fire.

Do you have it?

It’s what makes people do things creatively with courage. It’s what makes people feel so alive that they create what they are feeling and just put it out there. Why wait? The best moments come when you know what you want to do—and you just go ahead and do it.

Instead of pondering whether you want to do a particular thing and overthinking it—talking to people about it for two years—decide. Apply. Do it. Right now.

If you want to start painting, decide to buy the materials this week. Better yet, order them online tonight. If you weigh the pros and cons for weeks, you will never get that thing done. Just get it done now. Do not fear money or make that your excuse. Have a vision. Do something that lights you up. We need it now more than at any other time.