If You Could Have Just One Wish…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often wished for something better than you have now. It’s human nature to have that special desire—the thing we covet the most but feel is so far out of our reach, and it’s OK to wish for it. We know we’ll never have it in our hands. If only I had just one wish!

That could be someone to love and cherish us; extensive travel; a great new job; a new house or apartment; a great car or; more money through a windfall. The list of wishes can be extensive but sometimes seems so elusive.

What if you had the power to see into the future? To see just one wish come true: What would it be? Would it be something for you? Would it be something for a family member or friend? Perhaps it might be a financial/material benefit. Would it be something more altruistic? Maybe you wish for good fortune; better health and happiness for someone—maybe a complete stranger. Just maybe your wish is for eternal world peace and harmony.

It’s so easy to wish for enrichment and empowerment for ourselves. It smacks of selfishness it’s true but it is a natural desire. It would be really nice to trade in that banger of a car for a brand new set of wheels. A big house in a nice suburb might be high on your list.

Think of the following seven points when considering your future:

  • Never stop dreaming
  • Don’t allow others to steal your dream
  • Believe in yourself no matter what you face
  • Build a plan of action around your dreams
  • Don’t trade your wishes for a quick return
  • Dream big for even bigger rewards
  • Embrace all life gives you and don’t forget the gift of sharing

Wishing and wanting is fine: After all, it seems natural for us to desire the very best possible, regardless of who we are or what our circumstances might be. As long as we don’t become obsessed and the wishing and wanting impacts adversely on our behavior. Success and prosperity are rights for us all. They’re certainly not privileges reserved for a select few.

When we can step back, look at our lives and unhitch ourselves from the materialism train, we can see more clearly the needs of others. When we can freely and openly give without expectation, we begin to receive without limitations.

These feelings of wellbeing are as important as any material/financial gain. We really require balance and harmony in our lives to be totally fulfilled. When we willingly share what we have with others, we release endorphins—those ‘feel good’ hormones—in the brain. It puts us in a state of internal equilibrium which permeates every aspect of our being. The more we do it, the easier it becomes and the better we feel about ourselves and our lives.

When you next have the chance to see a dream come true, think of how it can benefit others as well as yourself. An act of kindness has a ripple effect as those you assist play it forward. It can certainly alter attitudes and literally change lives. The butterfly effect has now begun.

It’s here in this magical place called internal harmony, you have the opportunity to become an extraordinary force for good in the greater global community.

Imagine the possibilities ….

Photo—Kathy Cassidy/Flickr

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