How to Make a Woman Feel Like the Most Beautiful Woman Ever

There is a distinct lack of praise and appreciation in our intimate relationships. My female clients frequently tell me things like: “I just want to know that he still finds me attractive.” “Sometimes I can’t even tell if he still wants to be with me.” “A lot of the time during sex he feels really distant. I don’t know if he’s thinking about someone else or just doesn’t want to look at me as much anymore.”

Your partner deserves to know how much they affect you. And they want to know that you find them attractive. Here’s how to make a woman feel beautiful and show her how much you love her.

1. With your eyes

Look at her like she’s all you could ever hope for. Look at her like your eyes are desert sand, and she is the ocean. Look at her in awe. Look at her in disbelief. Look at her with hunger in your eyes. Drink her up with your eyes and let her beauty seep into you.

2. With your hands

People feel beautiful when they feel appreciated. Find ways to surprise a woman with small gifts and gestures. This will make her feel positive about herself, making her feel beautiful.

3. With your support

Female insecurity is a common problem for a reason. Statistically, being conventionally attractive is advantageous to one’s career and personal life.  Tell her what you love about her and tell her often.

Let her know what you love about her so frequently that it’s never far from her mind. Tell her so often that if you never had an opportunity to add more, you would feel complete with everything that you ever said to her. Just… love her.