How to Handle a Husband Who Travels for Work Frequently

Did everyone warn you about not marrying a guy who travels for work? Is your husband always away from home? This means you are holding the fort, sleeping alone and running the show.

Your husband’s business obligations that keep him away from home and cause strain on your relationship. This affects you both in different ways. While it might be nice to able to watch exactly what you want to on TV, it also means that you have to manage everything on your own.

For women with children, this means that you have no help with anything at all. You have to manage the children all on your own. When he comes home, he is going to want to be with his family, but he will also need to rest so you might not get help with any chores either.

There are some advantages, and when he does come home, you and your family will appreciate him so much more. If you use some easy strategies to cope with his absence, it can be turned into an advantage.


  1. Communication

Good communication is at the basis of any good relationship, but when there is physical distance between you, communication becomes crucial. Take time and work on it.


  1. Fix dates on your calendar

Discuss your calendar together. Before he goes, you need to know when he is coming back, and you need to fix important dates together. Important dates also include deciding when to spend time alone with your husband. Plan for catch up time for the two of you as well as time for each member of the family.


3 Stick to your calendar

Every single appointment should be respected. Family appointments are as important as work engagements.


  1. Set out chat times

Set aside a fixed time to chat once a day. Store up what you need to discuss. This is your couple’s daily progress report, and it will help you run your relationship smoothly.


  1. Text too

Text spontaneously without expecting a reply. If a loving thought strikes you at any time of the day or night, let him know. If he needs an uninterrupted night’s sleep he can put his phone on silent. But when he wakes up, he will see your message, and it will put a smile on his day.


  1. Budget together

Do your budget when the two of you are together. Finances are a critical point in relationships, more so when you are apart. Stick to your budgets for the greater good of the family.


  1. Keep your partner up to date

Modern living as we all know is seriously complicated. Most situations are very fluid, and things come up all the time. If you are both updated about what is happening in each of your lives, then it feels like you are living it together despite the distance.


  1. Do the same things even when you are apart

You can watch the same TV series or listen to the same music without being together. That way you will have common ground to talk about. Similar interests despite the distance will give you things in common.


  1. Do new things on your own

This is about looking after yourself. It might be difficult if you are running the show on your own and have family and a job to organize too. It is important that you have something of your own that gives you satisfaction and nurtures you in some way. This will also give you something interesting to talk away when you do spend time together.


  1. Go with him

It’s not always possible especially if you are juggling a job and family. If you can add on a weekend after he has finished his business meetings, then you and the family can experience the location where he has been.