How his or her Drinking Can Break your Marriage

alcohol showing potential problems in marriage

Addictions don’t mix at all with marriage. The worst of all addictions is drug abuse or alcoholism. As drugs are not sold legally and openly, several people are addicts of alcohol. It is easy to access a beer when you feel like. If you have no control, you will go on increasing your daily intake. Before you know it, you will be a total addict that your spouse loathes.  When an addict is active, he or she totally disregards the needs and emotions of their spouse and other people who love them. They hurt the feelings of many, become irresponsible partners and expect to get loved unconditionally. Feeding their addiction to alcohol becomes the most important thing to them and their spouse takes a back seat. To be precise, an alcoholic marriage partner can be so risky to live with, depending on how he reacts when he gets totally drunk.

Effects of alcoholism on Marriage

Some people get physically violent and can batter their partners badly. Others become verbally uncontrollable and get into a habit of insulting their spouses when they get drunk. Still, there are people who become more sexually active and begin to cheat on their wives or husbands. This can eventually lead to STDs and betrayal. Sex in marriage can suffer a great deal too, as having it with a lousy partner is a big no for most people. Family finances could suffer greatly as well. If the breadwinner gets terminated because of his or her drinking problem, the sober one has to get an extra job or a better job to sustain the family.

Drunk driving can also lead to needless accidents that could cause death or disability. Untold mental anguish and a lot of regrets is a must, as well, when you realize that he or she might never change. If you have young kids, they may no longer have a father figure or a mother figure to emulate. A lot of bad things can happen just because one spouse is an alcoholic. If you are a victim, this is the right time to act.

How to cope with an alcoholic partner

There are various actions you can take after realizing that your spouse is an alcohol addict. First, you can pretend all is well and continue with life. This is the most basic way to cope and it can be very damaging in future. The next method is to walk away. If the person is physically or emotionally abusive, walking out of your marriage is a good solution. This will be good for you and the kids. But this should be a separation, leaving a chance to get back together if he or she solves his drinking problem.

Another way is to tell the spouse who drinks some firm things about how you would like him or her to behave around you. Tell them if they break the rules you would leave them. Make sure that you don’t enable his misconduct. For instance, don’t go buying them drinks or siding with them when they have done a gross misconduct at work or elsewhere. Let the person face the consequences of his or her actions. If your spouse is making an effort to change, give them a little more support. Finally, never force an alcoholic stop their behavior, threaten or blackmail them. Ultimately they will use alcohol to deal with the anger they feel inside because of your cruelty.