How can I make my 10 Yr Anniversary EPIC?

Question: Allana, my wife and I are about to celebrate our ten-year anniversary. Do you have any suggestions to make this anniversary EPIC?

Answer: OMG this is one of my favorite questions to answer! First, I am so touched that you care! That you’ve reached out to ask my advice! You want to put the time, energy and money into creating an epic experience to celebrate your relationship! You rock! Your wife is so lucky!?

I’m sure you’ve heard of love languages and after 10 years I’m pretty clear you understand what makes her the happiest… from touch to words to experiences to gifts… Yes?

Shortly after my divorce, I was blessed with an amazing boyfriend who created so many incredible experiences for me. I didn’t know men could be so generous, creative, kind, sexy, giving, and amazing. Unfortunately, I grew up NOT watching that between my parent’s 30 yr marriage so it never even crossed my mind that it was possible. I only saw it in movies with further proved my points.

However, he adored giving to me. And I was SO GRATEFUL that I showered him with my love, appreciation, and radiance.  It healed my heart and made me believe in the masculine again. I soon discovered in my coaching practice that many other women hadn’t experienced this kind of generosity of spirit either, nor had many men been shown how to enjoy bringing pleasure to women…

So I created a two-part book filled with step-by-step photos and also I recorded it on audio. There are 10 gifts that you can turn into an experience she’ll never forget. My recommendation for your 10yr. epic anniversary would be to provide “The 10 Days of our Epic 10-Year Romance”… and every day you do one of the suggestions in my book! Voilà!

And for those of you reading this who aren’t in a 10-year relationship… You’ve got 10 awesome gift ideas over the next 10 months to be the best boyfriend ever. You’ll be the envy of all the other girlfriends… perhaps making the other guys a little jealous? Hopefully, inspiring them all to grab my two-book solution to creating a soul-shaking conscious relationship that lasts.

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