4 Reasons that You Aren’t Sleeping

When was the last time that you woke up after a long sleep feeling irritated and fatigued? Last night???

It varies from person to person, but the most common reason is your mattress.

If you are a sleep junkie; people who love to sleep and don’t like anything to interfere with the beautiful sleep you will never compromise the quality of your mattress.

Some of the common problems with the mattress which disturb sleep are:

  1. Over Heating- There are a large variety of mattresses on the market. Without knowing the materials and how it affects mattress quality, we tend to purchase based on a salesman. Some materials retain body heat in the bed which is very uncomfortable during the night when you are in deep sleep. Some superior quality mattresses are now available on the market, which are based on new cooling technology keeping the temperature neutral and helping you have a non-obstructive sleep.
  2. Bad Odor– Bed odors can point to potential fungal growth. This can create unhygienic conditions and the person sleeping on it finds it difficult to relax. One cannot imagine a good sleep. The material type determines fluid retention and quick drying quality.
  3. Poor Resiliency- The ability of the mattress to regain its shape faster determines its resiliency. It is a very important part of making a choice of which mattress to buy. While sleeping the time taken to regain shape is long then it becomes difficult for you to change your position on the bed which is very uncomfortable.
  4. Weight is Too Much– The weight of your mattress is crucial if you have a tiny baby or an older adult in your home. They both require extra care and so do their beddings. Heavy beds are difficult to clean which can lead to deposits of dust or smelling. Both these can cause discomfort to the person sleeping on it. Due to dust allergic reactions lead to health complications.

Sound sleep holds the secret to starting your day with the optimum energy level and mental state.

Sleep can boost your mental level and allow your body to recover from a busy day. When you reach home tired from work, you need a decent sleep, which can be achieved by bathing in lukewarm water, having a nice dinner, and having a fitting bed that has the property to adjust as per your requirements. This is the perfect recipe for great energetic sleep.

Photo by Alyssa L Miller

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