Four Challenges That a Young Couple May Face After the Wedding

Did you know that some couples don’t survive their first year of marriage? They do an elegant and beautiful wedding just to end their affair too soon. If you are newly weds, don’t say or do things that could finish your marriage within the first year. Without a doubt, your first year of marriage is extremely significant. It is the moment when you lay a foundation for a successful family and marriage. Like most couples, living happily ever after was your goal when you said your vows. The first year of living together is when your vows will be put to a test. By the end of it, each of you will know if you seriously meant it when you said “I do”. To survive the challenges, you and your spouse must fall in love over and over.  And as you prepare to do that, here are 4 common problems you might come across in our first year of matrimony.

Conflicts and fights

Conflicts are a common part of a healthy marriage relationship. Thus, getting married to the love of your life does not mean that you two will never disagree on anything. When you enter into a fight with your spouse, control your tongue. The bad things you might say to your spouse during a conflict will hurt you and him. Don’t ever tell your partner that you will leave him or her. This could mean that you don’t have a mutual desire to be with them. If you are fighting because one or both of you had a horrible day, control your emotions as it wasn’t anyone’s fault. If one of you is to blame, the best way to solve a conflict is to stay calm.

Domestic chores

Young couples have fights because one person just wants to be served. The person who has to go to work and do all household work may feel unfairly treated. They can build resentment quickly and the end result is a bad fight. As you have committed yourself to a lifetime of being together, you should learn the art of sacrifice and selflessness. If the other person is sick or late at their place of work, you may have to do their share of work at home just to keep the relationship going.


Marriage triggers a lot of expenditures that you didn’t have while living your separate lives. But when you start sharing your lives, you will start to make a larger budget, pay for a mortgage, buy life and medical insurance and make serious financial decisions. It is easy to clash about money issues, especially, if one of you is deceptive. Men are the heads of the family and chief bread winners. So they need a lot of love, support and appreciation from their wives. If wives make more money, they should learn to control their tongues to avoid ruining their husbands’ confidence and ego. Above all, decisions about expenditures, savings and investments should be discussed by both parties.


Even if it’s normal for lovemaking to decline over time, it shouldn’t be a drastic drop in your first year of marriage. If you let it happen, how will you survive for a lifetime? Both of you should keep your love and passion high by being sexually active. Physical intimacy can strengthen your connection from the inside or break your young marriage. To manage to do this, you should maintain efficient communication with each other. It’s important to talk about sex and schedule it if you are extremely busy with other things.  To keep your desire for each other, you can flirt with each other before you meet at home after work.