5 Big Signs Your Sex Life Needs A Makeover

By Ashley Papa

Americans are having less sex than they did in the 1990s, a recent study suggests. But when it comes to getting busy in the bedroom, quantity doesn’t always trump quality. In fact, a 2015 study published by the Society for Professional and Social Psychology found that the maximum bonding benefits of sex tend to cap out when couples get down and dirty once per week.

Dr. Maria Sophocles, a board-certified gynecologist and sexual medicine specialist, told Fox News that couples who are happy with their sex life shouldn’t worry over how much they’re doing the deed. However, communication about that aspect of the relationship is key for learning whether a partner isn’t getting his or her needs met.

“You should talk to each other to make sure you’re both happy and sexually satisfied,” Sophocles said. “If one or both of you are not, it may be time for a sex life makeover.”

To learn the top signs your sex life may need a makeover, Fox News talked to Sophocles and Dr. Tammy Nelson, a certified sex therapist and the author of “Getting the Sex You Want.”

1. Your bedroom has become your electronic office.
If your laptop, smartphone or TV is deterring you from getting it on, you may want to reconsider their presence in the bedroom.

To avoid temptation, Nelson advised getting rid of all electronics in your bedroom except for an alarm clock. “Your bedroom should be a sacred space for sex and sleep,” Nelson told Fox News. “Cover your television, plug your laptop and phone in another room, and imagine a sexy harem tent or other space that the both of you can crawl into at night that is private and safe, where you can act out your every fantasy.”

The same thing goes for those work-specific electronics. “Your bedroom should be an oasis, not an extension of your work life,” Nelson said.

2. Sex feels like a chore.
If you view sex liking taking out the trash — that is, a chore that needs to be done weekly or daily — that’s a red flag you and your sweetie need to switch things up between the sheets.

To remedy this problem, Sophocles emphasized the importance of talking about your desires with your partner. “Communication is critical,” she said. Sophocles advised chatting outside the bedroom about what you used to enjoy about your sex life and how to bring back some of that fire.

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