9 Ways To Feel Closer In Just 5 Minutes

9 ways to feel closer in just 5 minutesIn the rush of trying to complete your endless to-do list, it can be easy to forget the most basic way to connect with your partner—through touch. These simple but powerful gestures are the easiest way to cement your love on a daily basis. And, in darker moments, taking five minutes to connect with your partner can let the light back in. Try one of these simple acts of affection right now.

  • Hugging is a universal source of comfort. It conveys reassurance, togetherness, and confirms the fact that the two of you will stand strong no matter what storms may rage. Notice when your partner seems down or pensive and offer a calming hug.
  • Embracing your partner from behind is a nondemanding gesture that is a token of your warmth. More casual than a hug, this is a reminder that says, “Although we race through our separate days, you are the one I will always come back to.” Surprise your spouse (but be careful not to startle him!) with a cuddle from behind while he is engaged in some mundane task, like dishes or sorting the mail.
  • Kissing—whether it’s a quick peck, or a long and sultry make-out session—nothing gets your blood racing like kissing. Nothing is more intimate—not even sex. Over time, it’s easy to forget its power as we race out the door or fall gratefully into our beds. Remind yourself to kiss your partner goodbye and hello and anytime you think of it in between. In a more intimate setting, slow things down to a pleasurable simmer by just kissing for five minutes.
  • Handholding is an uncomplicated sign of your togetherness. It’s an announcement to the world that you belong together. Reaching for your spouse’s hand may also take you back to those first few dates where his touch sent sparks flying.
  • Linking arms is charmingly old-fashioned and shows that you lean on each other. While walking together, take his arm and notice an instant feeling of togetherness. If you and your partner don’t enjoy holding hands, this gesture is a great alternative.

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